Many people may think of personal injury law cases as only those situations where a person is hurt in a car accident caused by another person. While vehicle accidents are certainly a large portion of personal injury cases, they are only one of the many ways that people can get injured by others. There are a number of people who are hurt due to the actions, or the lack of actions, of another person. Many of these situations qualify as personal injury cases, but these cases may never be filed because the injured individual fails to contact a Lake County Law Group about getting the compensation that they deserve. Sometimes getting compensation is as easy as taking the first step of getting legal representation.

When an Injury Lawyer Can Help

There are a huge amount of different situations where a personal injury lawyer may be able to file a case on a client's behalf. Those may include:

•Auto Accidents

•Dog Bites

•Slip and Fall Accidents

•Trip and Fall Accidents

•Medical Malpractice

•On the Job Accidents

Every accident is different, but all of the cases above have one thing in common: They can all qualify as personal injury cases if an individual was hurt because of another person's actions or negligence. Sometimes this can even include cases that don't involve overt actions or very clear negligence. For example, a person might become injured when using a product that a company produces. It is later found that the product they were using was unsafe for use, and the individual was seriously injured as a result. The company that manufactured that product will be held liable for the injury because it was their job and their responsibility to deliver a safe product to its customers.

Paying for an Injury Lawyer

Many people don't hire an injury lawyer for one simple reason: Finances. People assume that they will need to have a lot of money to hire a lawyer, but in reality this couldn't be further from the truth. Most injury lawyers will work with clients who don't have any money at all. The attorney will work on contingency, which means that they will earn their fee only when they win the case for their client. Once the lawyer gets a settlement or a judgment for the client, they will receive a portion of those proceeds. Until then, the client doesn't need to pay a dime. One of the leaders in local personal injury cases is the Lake Cook Law Group. Find their website at on the Internet.