Of all the world's martial arts traditions, only a few have been proven in actual battle. One of the most extensively battle-tested of all is Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defense discipline that is taught to every new recruit in the Israeli Defense Force. Like counterparts in other military organizations around the world, Krav Maga includes an intense focus on producing real-world results. Unlike most of those other, relatively bare-bones, fighting systems, Krav Maga is a rich, comprehensive martial art that is a rival in its scope to any other the world has to offer.

This makes Krav Maga especially attractive to those looking for useful, practical self-defense skills to add to their own lives. At studios like Australia's IDF Training, students with this pragmatic bent often find that krav maga techniques turns out to be exactly what they are looking for.

For example, IDF Training instructors base their lessons on the kinds of real-world dangers that students might expect to face. That can mean learning, for example, how to neutralize and disarm a knife-wielding attacker, a lesson that every Israeli Defense Force recruit is forced to master. Those who study Krav Maga at places like Idftraining find that these practical lessons help to enhance the overall value of the experience.

As is described at idftraining.com.au, learning Krav Maga brings benefits of other sorts, too. For one thing, the intense physical exertion required ensures that those who practice diligently will attain and remain at peak physical condition. Krav Maga practice involves an excellent, health-promoting blend of powerful movements and sustained, heart-building effort, making it one of the best-rounded forms of exercise of all.

Because it is so demanding, Krav Maga practice also tends to instill discipline in those who stick with it. Learning how to defend against two attackers simultaneously, for example, is the kind of pursuit that forces any person to push against their limits, and those who succeed with these efforts invariably become stronger people in an overall sense.

Perhaps most importantly, Krav Maga also contributes to greater self-confidence and mental fortitude. Krav Maga practitioners learn to face down any possible situation with calmness and focus, a skill that can be just as useful in a corporate meeting room as in a dimly lit, dangerous alley. For this reason, many people feel that the well-rounded nature of Krav Maga goes well beyond its character as a martial art, elevating it to something that is of great value for life in general.