Puerto Rico is considered to be a great family vacation destination as well as the perfect vacation spot for couples and other travelers who are looking to have an adventurous or even a peaceful vacation at a place that provides the tourists with Puerto Rico all inclusive hotels and breath taking sites. However Puerto Rico is more than just a cluster of beautiful sights and sceneries, the presence of luxurious Puerto Rico all inclusive hotels make your stay worth every minute by providing you top class services that will enable you to have a good night's sleep at the end of an adventurous wholesome day!

Popular hotels in Puerto Rico

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3 starsESJ Towers Very good 8.2
3 starsSan Juan Airport Hotel Good 7.6
4 starsCopamarina Beach Resort Excellent 8.8
2 starsFajardo Inn Very good 8.1
2 starsParador Maunacaribe - Maunabo Very good 8.5
3 starsRincon of the Seas Gran Caribbean Hotel Good 7.9
3 starsParador Villas Del Mar Hau Very good 8.3
3 starsParador Combate Beach Very good 8.2
3 starsVerdanza Hotel Very good 8
3 starsHoward Johnson Isla Verde Good 7.7
2 starsParador Boquemar Very good 8
Sea Breeze Hotel Pleasant 6.3
2 starsVilla Cofresi Excellent 8.7
4 starsMayagüez Resort & Casino Good 7.3
3 starsHyatt House San Juan Wonderful 9

However all this does not mean that Puerto Rico is missing out on civilization and would be other wise lagging behind the other areas. The shopping malls at Puerto Rico are as good as they are in any other densely populated area and because of the large amount of tourists visiting there are a number of brands that have opened up their stores in Puerto Rico. However when you have such beautiful natural attractions around it is difficult to take out time for shopping and miss out on the unique and breathtaking attractions in Puerto Rico.

The arts and crafts hold a vital role in shaping the present day culture of Puerto Rico and have immense importance for the people living in that area. The art is what makes Puerto Rico more beautiful than it already is and also serves as a way of entertaining the large amount of tourists that visit Puerto Rico every year. There are a lot of traditional events that take place in Puerto Rico and have a unique significance. Also, because of the different backgrounds of the people living in Puerto Rico and the diverse culture that is prevalent in Puerto Rico the place gives a new meaning to art and entertainments by blending the different cultures and making their own unique culture.

The three kings' festival is one festival that is celebrated through out Puerto Rico in different ways. People coming from different states and regions are seen looking for Puerto Rico all inclusive hotels and resorts during the festival days for easy and reasonably priced accommodation. Some of the people having found Puerto Rico all inclusive pay tribute to the three kings by singing songs where as at school the festival's importance is explained to the students by preparing art workshops. The Taino Project at Puerto Rico is another way to pass on the knowledge to the younger generations in a unique and enjoyable manner. The students are made aware of their historical background and their ancestors and the history that is associated with Puerto Rico. And it is the history that attracts people from far-away to come in Puerto Rico to get to know more about this part of the world. Motels, hotels and Puerto Rico all inclusive resorts become the lodging for people coming from other regions.

The history of Puerto Rico involves the stories of a lot of ethnic groups that were settled in the Island which also explains the rich and diverse culture that is prevalent in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was first inhabited by Tainos Indians who were religious people and were from the Pre-Columbian era. However after Columbus discovered the island it was declared to be owned by Spain. Spain ruled till the end of the 19th century and after a long time of ruling by Spain, Puerto Rico was recognized as U.S commonwealth, and now, people from all over the world visit here for the sake of tourism, and the business of motels, resorts remain active throughout the year. For Puerto Rico all inclusive resorts and hotels try this site at first. It's not only the beauty of this place but also the history that brings people towards it; who come, live at luxurious, economical or Puerto Rico all inclusive and study the culture of this state.