What one couple thinks is a romantic wedding destination, another couple may not. Couples, who are in the process of planning their wedding who want to experience romance, should keep in mind what surroundings they think are romantic to them as a couple. What kind of a wedding do you want? A traditional wedding with a full white gown or do you want think being married in a beach dress by the ocean is more romantic? Do you think getting married in a church is more romantic than getting married in a garden? Since romance is not the same for every one, couples should talk about and decide what they agree on as being romantic wedding destinations. Once you have made that decision, then you can start looking for romantic wedding destinations. If expense is not a problem, your search can be for romantic wedding destinations around the world.

Popular Romantic Wedding Destinations in the United States

Naples, Florida
Are you a couple who is dreaming about romantic wedding destinations along the eastern coast of the United States? If so, you should look into getting married in Naples, Florida. This is one of the most romantic wedding destinations for couples who love the warm beach sands and romantic ocean views while watching the setting sun. Naples offers a lot of activities for those in the wedding party to enjoy, both before and after the wedding, so all of your guests will love going to this romantic wedding destination too. Find out how to make arrangements by calling 1-800-688-3600 or visit their website at http://whi-hotels.com/.

Mobile Bay, Alabama
Mobile Bay is a village on the eastern coast of the United States and is listed amongst the most romantic wedding destinations. It is a small village that is a bit like New Orleans in its atmosphere. Romantic honeymoons can be spent here browsing through all the little boutiques, art galleries and enjoying the blossom from the planter boxes all along the streets. Romantic evenings are spent watching the sunset over the bay. Visit http://www.rent4yourvacation.com/ for more information about romantic weddings in Alabama.

New York
For couples who would think New York should be included in a list of romantic wedding destinations, you are not alone. Many couples come here to get married because they want the romantic experience of a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. What is more romantic than viewing the city together from atop the Empire State Building? Check out http://www.bestbudgethotelreviews.com/recall-your-dreams-dream-hotel-new-york.html for information on the top 10 romantic wedding destinations in New York.

Sausalito, California
Couples will enjoy the fact that Sausalito is listed among romantic wedding destinations. This little town is nestled along the hillside overlooking the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. Memories of your romantic wedding here will last a lifetime. For more information on planning your wedding here you can visit www.sausalito.org.

La Jolla, California
Romantic wedding destinations on the west coast also include this jewel of a location: La Jolla literally means "the jewel" in Spanish. Beach side weddings can be conducted along the beautiful beach. Couples will love surfing, swimming and enjoying the marine life here if that is their idea of a romantic wedding adventure. La Jolla is close to San Diego and considered one of the most beautiful cities in California. For help planning your romantic wedding here, visit http://www.exotichoneymoondestinations.net/california-honeymoon.html

Romantic Wedding Destinations around the World

France is romance and class personified. Popular wedding destinations around the world will always include France. How about Paris and the view of the Eiffel Tower? Then there is Cannes. If you want a countryside wedding, the Rhone Valley is perfect. Last but not least is the French Riviera. To check out these romantic wedding destinations in France, visit the website: http://www.whattodoinfrance.net/.

Bora Bora

From the first day on Bora Bora you will enchanted with the beauty of the legendary Pacific pearls. You will soon learn that they are several categories of black pearls, different forms, sizes and colors, and the price always reflects the quality. An A quality pearl, in a size larger that 12 can easily reached thousands of euros. Besides sticking to a budget, the only thing harder is to choose among the thousand of shiny, beautiful pearls.

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Italy offers many romantic wedding destinations. Some of the more popular destinations include those in Tuscany. Old world charm and romance is a natural here in this city. Tuscany is the home of famous restaurants, castles, and villas. Among romantic wedding destinations in Italy, do not forget about Florence. Florence may well be considered the most romantic city to be married in. If class and elegance spell romance to you, Florence is the place to have your romantic wedding. Then there is Venice. Who would not think that a gondola ride while watching the sunset together is not romantic? There are tiny islands off the coast of Venice to host your wedding if you wish. For more information on romantic weddings in Italy, visit: http://italy-vacation.info/honeymoon-vacation-in-italy/

Romantic wedding destinations are also found in Scotland. Romantic castles, abbeys, and palaces galore grace the beautiful countryside of Scotland. Edinburgh Castle is a wonderfully romantic and memorable place to be married. Both your ceremony and your reception can be held in the castle, giving your guests plenty of time to take a tour of it. Many other castles are available for ultimate romantic wedding destinations. For more information on planning your romantic wedding in Scotland, visit http://scottishwedding.visitscotland.com/.

If you are a couple who enjoys winter and are looking for romantic wedding destinations in the colder parts of the world, how about Switzerland? Your romantic wedding can include such things like a horse and carriage ride along gorgeous lakes in the frozen snow as well as a skiing honeymoon. You will be able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and storybook villages and you can even get married in a Swiss chalet. It has been said that the best time to get married in Switzerland is Christmas time or all the way through Easter. For more information on weddings in Switzerland, visit http://marvaoguide.com/travel/honeymoon-in-switzerland/

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No matter where in the world you want to get married, you can always find romantic wedding destinations listed in books, on certain maps, in wedding magazines and on the Internet. You will be able to find pictures also to help you make up your decision. The Internet is full of wedding event planning ideas, wedding decoration ideas, wedding reception ideas, and most importantly, romantic honeymoon ideas.