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This effort Got Resto Menu Topnotch Oxtail Soup

Culinary Soloraya You can try the oxtail soup is the menu at the time of Ramadaan Resto. Word soup/soup or soup comes from the word soupe (French) meaning an assortment of foodstuffs added broth or liquid. Soup or soup is a culinary cuisine soups from the juices that are made to boil the ingredients and usually spices and other ingredients to taste. The materials consist of meat, vegetables, or nuts are boiled to form a sari.

Culinary sop itself has many variants and one variant popular soup oxtail soup is a lot of people [tail] cow. Oxtail soup delicacy indeed no death aka make hooked. This soup was indeed using the flesh and bone on the cows.

One of the restaurants in Soloraya, which provides a menu of oxtail soup this is the time of Ramadaan Resto located in Yogyakarta-Solo road Km 4,5 Ngaran, Mlese, Klaten. The food tasting opportunity Solopos, Thursday (19/2/2015). After waiting a few minutes, oxtail soup at the table-food terhidang.

SOP it contains bits of flesh and bone oxtail cut potatoes are tender. Spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, scallions, cloves, pokak, pepper, garlic fries and fried shallots creating mouth-watering aromas.

While the pieces of celery leaves and carrots sliced cooked vegetables make it increasingly attractive for food eaten.

Solopos then tasted it. Spices cooked with the meat for about one hour soak into the meat. The beef is usually a lot also became tender and easily detached from the bone.

Food was becoming more fully when eaten by additions of white sticky rice ornamented fried onions on top.


For pengemar spicy, green chilli pieces can be added to the soup. So too for consumers are hooked with sensation somewhat wryly, restaurants that provide a piece of lemon in the package portion of oxtail soup. Oxtail soup additions valued at Rp 20,000.

The owner of Ramadaan Resto, Naryono, said her restaurant that serves a variety of Java specialties. In addition to the oxtail and tripe soup tofu, there are also other menus such as asem-asem, jerked beef and chicken, and fried and roasted duck.

"This Restaurant can be used for meetings. Its capacity reaches 400 people, "said resident Temuwangi, Klaten, a message that when talking with Solopos, Thursday.

In addition to the time of Ramadaan Resto, oxtail soup menu also provided Home Meal Dapoer Kedhaton. The Brasserie is a restaurant belonging to the wife of the Regent of Wonogiri, Tsabita Danar Rahmanto. It is located on JL. Yudhistira No.5 Serengan, Surakarta. In the additions of resto oxtail soup sold at a price of Rp 35,000.

It was also delicious. A blend of spices is able to create the scent is mouth-watering. When diseruput, a soup gravy galangal and pepper were interfered it gives the effect of a warm throat. The menu that suits best eaten during the winter or rain because of the effect that is able to warm the body.

Manager Dapoer Kedhaton, Atik Mulyati, 47, said it prioritizes the quality of each dish is served. Resto that also offers the thrill of Java in flavors, aromas and nuances that can be enjoyed by consumers.

"We want to provide the best for the consumer," he said to Solopos, Thursday.

Didi Petet Hooked with Culinary Bandung

Senior actor, Didi Petet claims to be happy with the traditional flower city Bandung. The original guy that rate, Surabaya, Bandung many hawker who makes herself hooked.

"Every morning tuh kupat know just know petis. In the past, resep roti goreng isi coklat manis there tasty-tasty. The kicker can disebutin one-on-one anyway, "said Didi to Sindonews, in Jakarta.

According to the actor, 58 years, hawker Bandung compulsory to be sampled. "There are no meatballs, lotek, too. Must try anyway. It was all phenomenal, "he said.

The original name of the owner further Didi Widiatmoko tell, that he has no dietary restrictions to eat. This led to him spending happy in Bandung.

"God be praised until recently there were no dietary restrictions. Mangkannya resep kolak pisang dengan santan bandannya this wide. So glad if in Bandung. The food is tasty-tasty, "he said.

This Nut Cake Recipe Appreciated Rp12 Billion

A nut cake recipe from Pillsbury, United States, success, won the title as the world's most expensive prescriptions. The recipe is worth US $ 1 million or equivalent to Rp12 billion.What article? Resep Bakpao paling mantap sekampung Nut cake recipe called "Peanutty Pie Crust Clusters" was the winner of the competition to make a cake Bake Pillsbury-47th annual Off. As for the competition, the winner has the right to take home the Grand Prize worth US $ 1 million.Reported by the Huffington Post, the nut cake recipe is considered the most perfect. Made from simple materials like a frozen pie dough in the refrigerator vegetable oil, peanut butter, and peanut pieces as a topping on it.However, when the cake pieces to touch the tongue, feels tenderness perfect dough is combined with legit peanut butter. Therefore, do not be surprised if the jury unanimously decided the bean cakes as the winner of the competition.Pillsbury Bake-Off has been held since 1949 and became the Buffalo the creativity of chef pastry around the United States. It is not easy to follow the competition, in addition to the participant should be able to prove themselves have talent in the field of pastry, they also were challenged to make Resep batagor nikmat banget sumpah special dishes from 7 certain materials, where the two of them is a mandatory ingredient selection jury.The competition has spawned many innovations like Fudgy desserts, Bonbons, Candy Bar Cookies and Peanut Blossoms.

Most Types Of Food Make Hooked

One of the factors in the occurrence of overweight and obesity is not just a lack of activity. It could be dietary mistakes, even in some cases there is also the factor of food addiction.

Can't believe it? Try this, have you ever flashed in a donut shop with the intention of beginning will not be tempted. But what happens, as soon as passes through the store You just order one box instead of one piece.

Do not blame yourself, since it turns out doughnuts are so one of the foods with high levels of the causes of addiction.

However, although the concept of addiction to food is still so controversial among scientists, there is increasing evidence that a number of findings of processed foods high in sugar, rich in fatty foods, such as pizza, cokela, make, and cookies to uniquely do so causes a number of problems in humans.

In a recent study, Dr. Nicole Avena from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, found that the behavior of certain foods turn out to have the same pattern with addiction.

Avena is hoping his research published in the journal PLOS One this will contribute to the treatment of obesity and eating patterns of abnormalities.

Avena asked 504 participants to identify any foods that could cause problems with using Food Addiction scale from Yale.

Avena and comparing with a number of different foods and make a ranking where most food so the source of the problem and which are not related to an addiction or not.

The result is surprising that most food makes people stressed and feel uncomfortable physically is also the most experienced food processing, high in fat and sugar. This kind of food once inside the mouth directly can increase blood sugar levels, and it is not mere coincidence.

"A number of studies mentioned some type of food does change the workings of the brain and behavior. This can be diagnosed is similar to hooked on drugs and alcohol, "said Avena to the Huffington Post.

Hooked on food did not officially referred to as addictive, but closer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) or craving food.

More research will be hoping the Avena is beneficial to deal with people who are obese. Of course rather than simply reducing portion of several types of food, but by modifying the diet to be healthier

These types of foods that most makes of addiction:

1. Pizza. Rating: 4.01

2. chocolate. Rating: 3,73

3. potato chips. Rating: 3,73

4. biscuits. Rating: 3, 71

5. ice cream. Rating: 3, 68

What kind of food does not make the most addictive:

1. Cucumber without sauce or sambal. Rating: 1.53

2. carrot. Rating: 1.60

3. Nuts without sauce or seasoning. Rating: 1, 63

4. apples. Rating 1.66

5. red rice without seasoning. 1.74 rating

Bugis Pandan Recipe Unti

This traditional cake taste good. Certainly will keep you hooked.Ingredients:Skin material:250 gr flour gluten50 gr cornstarch10 leaves suji10 sheets of pandan leaves75 cc of water1 resep lasagna kukus super enak teaspoon water whitingContents:225 gr grated coconut250 gr of sugar, thinly sliced100 cc of water1/4 teaspoon salt1 sheet of pandan leavesHow to make:1. contents: mix all the ingredients, mix well. Cook until cooked and the water absorbed is exhausted. Lift, divided into 15 pieces, shape into bubbles, set aside.2. Leather: Puree leaves suji and pandan leaves, enter the water, mix, filter, juicing, set aside. Mix glutinous flour, cornstarch, and water whiting, mix well. Put the mixture water leaves a little suji-slightly while continuing to stir until the dough can be formed. Divided into 15 sections.3. take one piece of skin, rounded, pipihkan. Fill the dough with one section of content, rounded back. Do the same thing to the ingredients run out.4. take resep pizza mini untuk jualan a piece of banana leaf, brush a little oil. Put the cake in the middle of bugis, wrap up neatly.5. Steamed for 15 minutes until cooked, lift.

Culinary Satisfied in Kilkenny

Kilkenny into a culinary destination for the winners of the quiz ' OFF ' (Vacation Sampe Satisfied) from January 2015, with Motion and Radio TX Travel. Why culinary tour? Because almost 70 percent of the agenda on a vacation to Palembang is spoiling the tongue with a distinctive culinary Palembang, such as pempek, pindang patin fish, tempoyak, mie celor to red bean ice. The abdomen seems to be ready to receive a surge capacity.

Arriving at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, we go directly to the Museum Balaputra gods, to know the history of Palembang, South Sumatra in particular, starting from pre-historic times until the revolution of independence. A number of historical relics such as artifacts, inscriptions, ancient coins and weapons on display in the museum, although some remains only an imitation of the original fruits, have been moved to the National Museum in Jakarta.

A culinary adventure started from Sri Melayu, which specializes in Malay cuisine. Sambal tempoyak (sambal duren), sambal mangga, brengkes tempoyak ikan belida catfish, fried fish and of course the boiled fish, catfish, served in a restaurant that serves typical Malay culinary claimed best.

Hopping duren, certainly will not miss to taste the Sambal and also brengkes tempoyak ikan patin. Brengkes tempoyak is similar to pepes are wrapped with banana leaves. When opened directly poking fragrant orange-colored duren sambal membalur meat fish catfish. It was a bit spicy, sour and certainly tasty eaten with hot rice.

Likewise with pindang patin. Malay cuisine is very fresh and the broth was not so spicy, as there are slices of pineapple, chives, basil, cayenne pepper, and of course fish catfish. Presented directly in a small container, a make that slurping the broth will keep tasting it until demolished.

Not only in Sri Melayu, we also sampled fish catfish in 2 different restaurants, namely at home Eating Boiled Yu Kris and at home Eating Boiled Meranjat Bu Ocha. If you don't love the boiled fish, catfish, can also try boiled shrimp or shrimp satan gala at home Eating Boiled Yu Kris, with taste sensations are no less treatment with patin fish.

We also don't miss to enjoy Ordinary Haji Abdul Razak or more popular with the name Martabak HAR 777. Why accompanied the numbers 777? Because the restaurant dating back to July 7, 1947 by Haji Abdul Razak. Murtabak made from dough of flour plus half-cooked duck egg, eaten while hot with compulsory resep tiramisu cake super mudah dicocol to curry gravy. Martabak HAR also has many branches in a number of cities, including Jakarta.

If not try to Palembang pempek, yes no afdol. For three days in Palembang, we also find 3 restaurants that are considered the best pempek, the Banyan Pempek, Pempek willing to stop by and Pempek Vico. All types of pempek lenjer, like a submarine, models, skin, absence of good boiled, fried or baked not missed on the tongue.

There are notable differences today taste pempek in Jakarta and Palembang. In Jakarta or other cities in may, pempek generally served with fried, then washed down with vinegar sauce noodles, cucumber and a pinch of dried. However in Palembang, pempek is generally served with boiled without the noodles and cucumber. How to eat any pempek dicocol into the gravy and vinegar if less satisfied, then the broth directly disruput or drink. Thus provided a resep orek tempe kering lezatnya bikin ketagihan small bowl for sipping or drinking the vinegar gravy.

"Pempek fried seems to fit the tastes of pempek connoisseur. However in Palembang, pempek is usually served with boiled with vinegar sauce or mencocolnya to be drunk immediately, "said Rima, a tour guide who accompanied us during in Palembang.

Pempek is also considered as food ' mandatory ' by the Kilkenny beat rice. They also eat breakfast pempek. "We (the people of Palembang) here it feels like not eating if the tongue have not hit pempek," added Rima.

This Cake recipe is worth US $ 1 million

What is in mind if looking at the beautiful cakes? Would You be tempted to direct sample. Moreover, if know if the cake recipe it was US $ 1 million.Who would have thought that Peanutty Pie Crust, the pie Clusters that exist in the photo above, the price of the prescription US $ 1 million. The prices are so high it is not without reason. The maker of prescription, won the 47th Pillsbury Bake-Off, a race to make a cake in the United States, followed by cake experts sepenjuru the country.Peanutty Pie Crust Clusters consisting of several main ingredients, among others, made from Resep semur daging sapi mantap banget empuknya a refrigerated pie crust, vegetable shortening, peanut butter and salted cocktail peanuts. Mix the ingredients with a special technique that creates a sense of being special.Each year, Pillsbury Bake-Off race was held. This race started in 1949, and the winner gets a prize tantalizing sederat. Cake ingredients used, previously must be approved by the jury. Winner of the decision also entirely in the hands of the jury.For the 2014 event, there are different. The jury not only give value, the public are also welcome to vote on their favorite pastries. The winner also falls on prescription Resep cireng isi asli dari bandung Peanutty Pie Crust Clusters. Curious taste?

Health Minister Nila Moeloek calls F West Sumatra or Ranah Minang have culinary tour nationally famous even to foreign countries.

"Culinary Minang number one in Indonesia even to the level of the world was already recognized by the addition of food as the most delicious beef rendang," said Minister of Tilapia in the field, Friday.

He delivered it after inaugurating the Office of medical services class II The Port in an effort to prevent an infectious disease at the border entry to the area.

Indigo reminds lest the Minang specialties claimed by other countries and to do the anticipation since the beginning

"Rendang is a dish native to the Minangkabau, keep there do not get captured," he said.

He said because West Sumatra is renowned for its culinary resep bubur kacang hijau tanpa santan many tourists visit the area to sample the delicious variety of food specialties that exist.

Although not sepadat Bali but domestic tourists visit to West Sumatra is quite high. Therefore, should also be made of harmful disease prevention given the high human traffic and goods.

In addition to the known culinary tour, Nila said the West also known as craft fabric weaving and embroidery.

Even one of the much sought after praying paraphernalia in the West for resep onde onde kacang hijau enak dan simple the pilgrims is a nice quality mukenah, he said.

Earlier, West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno said rendang is typical of the area which has got a place in the hearts of the world community.

If talk rendang can not be released from the West which is the origin of the food that is made from beef with the blackish-brown color, he said.

He Boiled Ribs Mainstay KSPH

New year's recipe for boiled ribs prepared Gambir Sakethi Restaurant, welcoming Solo KSPH vacation year end 2014— Sakethi, Gambir Restaurant Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel Solo (KSPH) prepare boiled ribs as new dishes to complement the holiday menu late 2014. Beef ribs in a bowl of hot soup typical soy Resep Nasi Bakar teri medan asli lezat banget scented yellowish of course delicious eaten with white rice, onion sambal and krupuk gnetum.Condiment in the form of large pieces of red chilli, garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, green tomatoes, star fruit wuluh, leeks, and celery leaves that float on the surface of the cooking liquid, soy ribs made it increasingly colorful. Pineapple chunks that are second in the beef ribs at new year's food also adds to this special dish is fresh.Want to know the new year culinary recipe? Here's her recipe for boiled ribs.Ingredients:1 pounds whole beef ribsSeasoning:50 g shallots50 grams of garlic2 section stalk Lemongrass5 pieces of bay leafCayenne Pepper 5 pieces75 g tamarind50 grams sugar3 tablespoons sweet soy saucesalt to tastepepper to tasteGarnish: green tomatoes, large red chilli, star fruit wuluh, chives, celery leaves, and fried shallots, Basil.How to make Resep Pie Susu mudah sekali membuatnya Boil the ribs in advance until the dirt is goneLift, tubis seasonings, then add the beef broth, stir in ribsSeason with pepper, salt and sugarCook approximately 60 minutes to Tenderize ribsAfter the tender, add garnish, serve while hot with chips gnetum

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