The right discount flooring lakeland can immediately change the look of any room, but many homeowners have a hard time making a selection from all the options that are available. Here, customers can get some tips to help choose the right floor for a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Stone and Tile

Tile and stone flooring are great choices for water-prone or high-traffic areas that need frequent cleaning. These floors can be swept, vacuumed, steam cleaned or damp mopped, making cleanup simple. However, tile and stone are among the heaviest flooring choices, and the homeowner should ensure that the home's subfloor can support the additional weight. Stone and tile are pricey to install, costing up to 50% more than wood or vinyl flooring.

Wood Flooring

A wood floor can last for many years if it's properly maintained, and wood flooring can work in almost any room. Prolonged exposure to moisture can damage wood, and flooring should be sealed when used in bathrooms and kitchens. Wood flooring is available in prefinished or ready-to-stain varieties; it's more costly to install than a vinyl floor, but it's less expensive than stone or tile. Wood flooring can be damp mopped as well as it's sealed, and it may need treatment to keep it in good shape.

Laminate Flooring

Laminates are a popular flooring choice because they offer easy maintenance with the look of real wood. Laminate flooring is made by applying thin layers of flooring over hard backing materials. This flooring doesn't fare well in wet areas like bathrooms, but it can be used near cabinets in Lakeland. Laminate flooring is less expensive to install than wood flooring is, but the floor can get cold during the winter.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an old standby in bathrooms and kitchens, but it is now available in a wide variety of styles and patterns that mimic wood and stone. Vinyl flooring is simple to clean, and it's the cheapest type of flooring available. This kitchen remodel in Lakeland is ideally suited to wet, high-traffic areas, but it doesn't last as long as wood, stone or tile.


There are so many discount carpet lakeland choices today that it's easy for a homeowner to get overwhelmed. When choosing carpet, the customer should focus on design, color and wear patterns. Darker colors that don't show stains may be good for dining rooms and hallways, while light colors are good for infrequently-used rooms.