Great low prices are not a bargain if the quality and consistency of the product is lacking. Wholesale items of high quality are not an easy thing to come by. You realize this every time you go to a hotel and get scratchy towels or happen to be a hospital patient laying on rough sheets. There is an alternative to bad quality linens for the health care and hospitality industries in Canada. One of the largest importers of linens and producers of their own domestic line provides quality and consistency to their customers and clients through volume of sales. Their prices are low and their quality is high which means you can pass on the savings to your hotel guests or your hospital patients or your dinner guests at your restaurant.

The choices are vast with selections in bedroom Linens, Kitchen linens, Laundry Linens and bathroom linens. Bathroom linens carry a choice of four different lines of towels to choose from and also include shower curtains, bathrobes, slippers and rubber bath mats. Bedroom options include sheets and pillowcases in different colors and prints, all kinds of blankets and comforters, drapes and duvet covers. People will notice the quality of the sheets and pillow cases and make a mental note regarding if they will be making a return trip to your hotel or going somewhere else next time. Large pool towels, sports towels for the gym facility and golf towels are available as well.

Kitchen Linens are available to cover the front of the house and the needs of the kitchen itself. Aprons, oven mitts, potholders, dishcloths, chef uniforms and microfiber cleaning cloths will keep you restaurant kitchen operating efficiently and safely. Table clothes, table skirts, napkins, and place mats will set the mood and hotel linen supplier atmosphere in the dinning room. People are eating out less and less as the economy weakens, so you will want to make their dining experience a pleasant one. In a hospital dinning room, visitors, patients and staff will all appreciate a cheerful decor. Laundry linens include work aprons, laundry bags, carts and cart covers to keep things sanitary.

Apparel for health care facilities includes briefs, patient gowns, cloth diapers, clothing protectors, huck towels operating room scrubs and lab coats. You can also order drawsheets, privacy curtains and incontinence pads. Mattress covers and pillow protectors are in the health care section of items as well. Keeping your facility clean and protected is important for patients and staff in your hospital or nursing home.