Management software is designed to save your business time and money. A training option is usually available, so you and your managers can get the most out of the system. You would expect add-on features that provide a quick return on your investment. Installation and support are standard with software services, and you can reasonably expect some tasks to be automated for convenience. KHAOS Control management software goes beyond the expected and offers ten features that will help you manage almost every aspect of your business. The only other service you may have to seek out is payroll management, as that is not one of the features.

An inventory feature provides your business with real time stock control reports, whether you are one store or a chain of stores. E-commerce provides you with a website that is designed and maintained for use with any device, including mobile devices. Multi-currency capabilities allow your business to compete on a global scale. That will increase revenues and expend your business. The CRM (Customer Record Management) feature will automatically add new customers to your database individually. It will also add orders to the records of your returning customers. You will know your customers, their preferences, and their ordering habits. That will allow you to sent custom letters to them, manage customer complaints better, and reward loyal customers with coupons and special promotions. Visit for full details of these features.

The accounting feature provides several reports that will allow you to keep track of all revenues and all business expenditures. You will also be able to complete detailed analysis of your sales. That will help you determine what products your business will continue to carry, and which ones you will discontinue. reports include stock valuation and cost of sales, trial balance, profit and multi channel inventory management software loss, balance sheets, and budgets and variances. With KHAOS Control management software, you will know the fiscal health of your business at all times. The ordering feature allows orders to be processed quickly and include drop down menu options, process a catalog request, and provide the opportunity to personalize to gift. The inventory feature provides real time stock control, and immediate access to your inventory levels.

Other features include multi-channel, E POS (E commerce Point of Service), purchasing, shipping, and mobile sales dashboards that let you have access to your business from any device. A supplier inventory management feature allows you to benefit from bulk pricing and keep track of the performance and quality of all you current suppliers. You can go to for a demonstration of any of the features of the software management program.