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How to Use the "Keep reading..." Button

How to Use the "Keep reading..." Button

At RebelMouse, we offer a Social UX for Media layout that creates an amazing stream of content. The layout operates on the idea that readers are used to the look and feel of a social feed. So much like someone would scroll through Facebook's News Feed, they should be able to enjoy the same experience when consuming content on your site.

The infinite scroll feature makes this possible. To ensure your users don't have to scroll through the entire text of an article in order to get to the next one, it's important to use the "Keep reading..." function. It puts a horizontal divider through the body of a post that will only show the headline and the first handful of sentences of every article on your home page. It's like a modern-day "before-the-fold" concept.

How to Enable the "Keep reading..." Feature per Article

Head to the Entry Editor. In the toolbar, you'll find a square symbol with an arrow coming into it. This is the "Keep reading..." button. When you click it, a divider will be placed wherever your cursor is currently located in the post's body.

This is how it looks once the post is published:

After an article has been expanded, the "Keep reading..." button changes to "Show less." Clicking it collapses the post back to how it first appeared.

Best Practices for Using the "Keep reading..." Function

On the post page, the first article of a stream should show the entire post body for desktop and tablet devices.

On the home page, every article should show the "Keep reading..." button. Once a user clicks into a post, the button should disappear from the post's page. This way the user can read the article in full with no further clicks required. It also allows Google's bots to crawl the page to index it correctly.

Except on mobile devices.

Conversely, the "Keep reading..." button should always be displayed on post pages for mobile devices. This way the stream remains tight and easy to scroll through on even the smallest viewport.

On the rest of the pages, including the home page, section pages, etc., you should use "Keep reading..." on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

By doing this, it makes for an easier scrolling experience and a more addictive stream. If a user wants to dive deep into a piece of content, they can click on the "Keep reading..." button to read the post in its entirety.

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