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Fangs and Fists 1: Bolt @katehillromance #RLFblog #pnr
Welcome Kate Hill author of Fangs and Fists 1: Bolt, a new eroticparanormal romance.
Why did you writethis book?
I wanted to write a book about werewolf gladiators anddemons. I also wanted it to be borderline horror, but with a happily ever afterfor the hero and heroine.
What is your favoritegenre to read?
Romance, in particular paranormal and historical.
Who is your favoritecharacter from fiction (not including your own)?
Scorpius from the Farscape TV series.
What are you workingon at the moment?
Right now I'm working on the second story in the Fangs andFists series.
What books will we seefrom you in coming months?
I have 3 Fangs and Fists stories under contract withChangeling Press, but I'm hoping the series will either go longer or possiblyhave a spin-off series because I have plans for more.
Please tell us aboutyour latest book.
Genre Erotic Paranormal Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
In a futuristic world ruled by demons, werewolves areenslaved to fight in gladiatorial matches for the amusement of their evilmasters.
Kiara remembers what life was like living free–before shewas taken by demons and bred to gladiators so that the new generations ofwolves would retain their ferocity but forget their freedom. Mated to topgladiator Grit, she has a son with this surprisingly gentle lover who is alsoplanning their escape. When Grit is killed in the arena, his close friend Boltupholds his promise to protect Kiara and the cub.
Bolt and Kiara have loved each other from the moment theymet, but they buried their feelings because she was mated to his best friend.When Grit dies, despite their guilt, Bolt and Kiara surrender to their desirefor each other. Will their love be strong enough to help them win freedom fromtheir evil masters?

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Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, I startedwriting over twenty years ago for pleasure. My first story, a short eroticvampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then I've sold overone hundred short stories, novellas and novels.
I love to blend genres. I also love horror and a happilyever after, so my books can be a bit unusual. If you're looking for romancewith witches, aliens, vampires, angels, demons, shapeshifters and more, there'sa good chance you'll find something to your taste in my backlist.
When I'm not writing, I enjoy reading, watching horror andaction movies, working out and spending time with my family and pets.
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Vanquished -- new from @Laurel_R_books #RLFblog #fantasy
Today's featured book is Vanquished by Laurel Richards.
Genre Fantasy
Author Laurel Richards
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
Three strangers brought together by war.
The Ulanesh—vicious soldiers from the underrealm—areinvading the forest and destroying everything in their path. Standing againstthe enemy, Evrenor is a captain in the Quennin army and has been tasked by hisking to find allies. He enlists the aid of the ancient sea sorceress Valkaria,whom he wakes from a curse that has entombed her at the bottom of a lake for athousand years. She must regain her powers after a millennium of disuse or elsewatch everyone around her die.
Evrenor finds another ally in Damir, a woodsman whose peopleare so reclusive that outsiders consider them myths. The tree-talking woodsmencan blend perfectly with the forest, and they are deadly with their daggers.Damir is ready to take down the enemy, but he has to strike before the visionhe's had of his own death comes to pass.
An awakened sorceress, a mysterious woodsman, and a cunningarmy captain—will their combined forces be enough to vanquish the enemy?

About Laurel Richards

Laurel is a fiction author with a passion for shifters,space travelers, and other memorable characters. She has gathered inspiration fromlots of different sources throughout her life and is here to share herimagination through storytelling. Laurel writes sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal, andfunny mysteries, with various degrees of romance mixed in. You can find Laurelat
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