Each roofing company offers similar services, but not all provide friendly staff that customers enjoy working with. Sugar Land Roofing provides Texas residents with both courteous and highly trained roofers that are capable of handling an abundance of roofing requests. Texas residents can expect the following five services from their trusted roofing company.

Free Roofing Inspection and Estimate

Before any work is even started, an inspection needs to be performed. Texas roofers provide a free inspection and estimate to their customers. The Katy Roofing Company offers an easy-to-fill-out form on their website, which can be found at http://sugarlandroofingservices.com. By providing their name and number, detailing the number of stories their home has, providing the age of the roof and what type it is, and discussing what type of work is needed, residents can all get a quick response back from the roofing company and have an estimate in no time.

Roof Leak Repair

Roofs begin to leak for a number of reasons. Whether a large storm came through and caused damaged to the roof, or a tree fell and busted through, a leaking roof needs to be repaired immediately so no damage is done inside. Roofing contractors will repair any roof leak as quickly as possible so no further issues arise.

Residential Roof Replacement

If a roof is too damaged, or simply outdated, it will need to be replaced completely. Roofers in Texas are familiar with multiple roof types and can assist each customer in choosing the best replacement roof for them. The roofer will remove the old roof and get the replacement installed as soon as possible so the homeowners are not without for long.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Just as Texas roofers can replace residential roofs, they can replace commercial roofs as well. If any business owner in the Katy, Texas area needs their roof replaced, they can count on Sugar Land roofers to get the job done fast.

Siding Installation

Roofing work is not all this Texas roofing company can handle. They also provide siding installation to those who need it. If the siding of a home is coming loose or otherwise falling apart, they will work quickly to have it replaced.

Roofing Katy Tx residents need done can all be handled by Katy roofing. They provide the five basic services that people require when it comes to their roofs. Aside from their experience and expertise, Sugar Land also employs courteous, friendly roofers that will help their customers understand the roofing process and feel more at ease.