An expert in supply chain management is also known as a "Freight Forwarder." This expert may be a single person or a company that helps to connect a shipment from a supplier or person to another supplier or person that lives in another part of the country usually. This expert provides fast and Customs Clearance agents in Felixstowe efficient customs clearance services using the latest software for all shipments into all or majority of the major ports and airports. Using the solid connections formed in one or more countries, this expert does not transport the packages directly, but they are trusted with these valuable shipments to ensure they are bridged to a safe arrival in their proper destinations.

JS Forwarding is one of the lead and trusted freight forwarders in the UK that partners with trusted carriers to ensure the delivery of the merchandise. Because this company is international, it is also an expert in preparing the packages to pass customs with the proper documentation and procedures to pass through international shipping regulations. If any of the necessary information is missing or incomplete, the expert will contact the shipper to clarify the documents and get the information corrected in a timely manner. If the shipment gets halted by International Customs, the package may be held indefinitely, confiscated or shipped back to the shipper. This will further delay the shipment and may cause issues if the shipment is on a strict deadline.

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed in order to allow an international outgoing or incoming shipment. This is the main reason for using trusted freight forwarders in the UK. These proven experts have a high success rate of successful international shipments. Trusted experts like Felixstowe freight forwarding provide the customer with various tools to ensure the safety of their packages. These services may include tracking services, export documentation, storage, guaranteed preferred cargo space on the transport vesicle, insurance and freight charge negotiations for each carrier that handles the shipment.

Usually the longer the expert has been in the business, the more the carriers trust them and the more discounts and preferential treatment is available to that expert. Armed with the knowledge of the industry, relationships formed with the carriers and trust formed in the industry, the expert can comfortably suggest the best mode of transportation and schedule the most optimized route for the package. The expert company used for all international freight services should also be licensed by one of the International Freight Authorities such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or the British International Freight Association (BIFA). To become a member of organizations such as these, mandatory training and up-to-date certification is required for all freight forwarding regarding carriage of dangerous goods and air cargo security.