It doesn't take an iphone owner to understand that these phones can do all kinds of things without a lot of effort involved. If you already have an iphone or are contemplating purchasing one, the piece below is a great resource for information about its true capabilities.

You can now set location-based reminders through Siri. It is no longer necessary to ask Siri to remind you to call the office at a specified hour. For example, ask Siri to remind you to do something when you arrive at your destination. Then the phone will tell you to call up your work when it detects that you are home. This helps when you have no idea what time you will be arriving at home, and lets you set a reminder.

You can find your way anywhere with your iphone. When you are trying to find a certain location, you can use the map function on your iphone. The iphone allows you to bookmark the map tab so you can access it quickly and easily.

Do you get too many notifications on your iphone? You may gadget holiday insurance turn them off easily. Access the Settings menu, then select the Notifications button. Go to the "In Notification Center"; look at all the apps and remove any that you do not use. The other upside to this is improved battery life.

It is easy to create your own shortcuts and dictionary on an iphone. When you use this, your phone knows exactly what you are trying to change. It is also possible to program your own shortcuts and unique phrases into the phone. If you are typing, the keyboard will activate it's auto correct feature to assist you.

If you download an application that will let you upload your files to the iphone, you can utilize it as a device for storage. You can upload music, short videos, pictures and even text files. All you have to do to get this music is to connect your iphone to a laptop or desktop computer.

Are you unsure of how to make accented letters in messages? Well, luckily for you it's a relatively easy process. Simply touch the relevant letter and hold your finger down for a variety of options. A box that contains extra keys should pop up. There you can choose as many of those keys as you'd like!

Mistakes happen when typing on iPhones. Is Auto Correct incorrect? If so, then all you have to do is shake the iphone. Any recent typing is instantly erased. Be aware that this feature is optional, and you will need to check in the Settings area to ensure that it'e enabled.

Picture taking is a common function that many iphone owners use often. After a long photo shoot, though, sorting through the snapshots on the camera roll can be cumbersome. The iphone has a built in album area that helps to easily organize your photos and makes them easy to locate. That is going to help you a lot when you have to find a particular photo.

Via the default setting, the iphone shows previews of messages when the lock screen is on. You may enjoy this feature, or you may find it annoying. You can disable the feature quite easily. Simply go to the settings menu area and click on notifications and then messages. Turn off the Show Preview option to disable this feature.

Your iphone can be your calculator, too. It's available in standard form if it's held vertically, but can become a scientific calculator if it's held horizontally.

If you own an iphone with Siri and value your privacy, think twice about talking to her a lot. Apple uses an internal server to hold and store the things you say to Siri. This helps them develop speech recognition programs, although it is important to understand that you may be recorded.

Did you know that you can actually take a screenshot using your iphone? Once you find the screen you want to save, hold the "home" button down while simultaneously clicking the "sleep" button. Once the screen turns white, you will know the screenshot is saved on your phone.

You have probably learned a few things about using your iphone from this article that you weren't aware of. If that is true for you, you simply need to use the information to determine whether you want the phone, or h