Being injured in an accident can change your life in a matter of seconds. Emotional and physical pain and disability can render a person unable to work, carry on normal daily activities, and burden them with medical bills. Too often, people who have been injured through no fault of their own struggle to get the compensation that they may be entitled to. This is usually because they do not know the proper channels to go through in order to get help, and employers and insurance companies work hard to save themselves as much money as possible. In these situations, it can be easy for others to take advantage of someone's physical and emotional state, and the person who is injured may not know their rights.

Some of the most common situations were people are injured are in workplace accidents and auto collisions. Things can be particularly difficult for those injured on the job, because employers often have a team of legal professionals whose job it is to save the company from any financial liabilities. An employee may be given incomplete truths about their rights and pressured into signing forms that absolve the company of any liability. This can cause an employee to be wrongly fired, laid off, or denied worker's compensation, social security, or unemployment benefits if they are no longer able to work.

Anyone who is injured on the job should not sign any forms or agree to any type of arrangements with their employer until they have had a personal injury lawyer take a look at the terms and conditions of the agreements. Personal injury lawyers such as those at Foy Associates specialize in helping victims of accidents get all of the monetary compensation they are entitled to under the law, and are familiar with the tricks that employers and insurance companies try to play. They can help you to go through all of the paperwork, including accident documentation, witness statements, medical statements, and related bills, and other documents pertaining to your accident. They also act as a messenger between you and your employer and their insurance company so that you can concentrate on recovery. Regardless of whether or not you need ongoing assistance from an attorney, it is always a good idea to have a consultation with someone about your situation before proceeding. For more information about personal injury lawyers and how they can help you, visit