When a person decides to open up a business of their own, there are several ways they can use advertising to obtain customers. Advertising is a must as customers will not be aware of the business' existence without being alerted in the form of visual information or word of mouth. Here are some of the advertising methods that will help a business get off and running with a positive start.

Using online sources is an absolute must. Many people look up businesses online and they also use social media sites regularly. If there is no advertising on social media, the web site will not draw as many hits, meaning less sales. Having a service do web design will ensure the web site a company has looks professional. It should offer an abundance of information about the business itself as well as give an area where the potential customer can reach out to the business. Proper website design would allow information sent via an email so the customer can get further information about the product or service being offered. There could also be a spot where customers can purchase items directly online. This is one part of web design that will allow the business to obtain money without even seeing the customer.

Advertising via signs is also important. They should be set up in front of the establishments as well as put in a flier form to distribute around town. Using car magnets or even having permanent signs placed on vehicles will draw attention in areas of heavy traffic. Vehicles can be parked in these areas or someone can drive through during rush hour so the signs are seen by others driving the roads at the time.

Radio and newsprint advertisements are still used to get the word out about a new business in town. Along with this, however, comes the use of social media sites. If the business has a web designer make them a great looking social media page, they can put up alerts that others will see each day. These people in turn would share the information with their own contacts via social media. The information can have the web page address attached to each alert so potential customers will take a look at the business' page to get further information. This is a wonderful way to spread the word about a sale or promotion, allowing many customers to be obtained as a result. Using a company like JGWZ Media to do web site design can be very beneficial in increasing a customer base.