When it is time to shop for an engagement ring, jewelry store in Houston are a valuable resource. The traditional engagement ring features a diamond and finding the right ring, with the perfect stone, and proper setting, can be intimidating. Professional jewelers will help by explaining the factors that go into making a good choice. This is one of the most important decisions people make and finding the perfect ring shows a future bride how special she is. Investing a significant amount of money will show how committed to the relationship the groom is. Getting the most value for the money is easier when the ring buyer knows what they are looking for.

The most important features in engagement rings Houston couples need are color, clarity, cut, and carats. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable and there is a rating scale to differentiate them from each other. When diamonds have no color, it means they will shine brighter. Diamonds that have a slightly yellowish tint do not reflect light very well.

Finding perfect diamond that is nearly colorless is rare and those who find one should expect to pay a premium price. The next feature is clarity and the same issues apply. Clarity is a measurement of internal flaws that indicate impurities inside the diamond. The better the clarity, the more expensive the diamond, even though most of these flaws and impurities are only observable under a microscope.

There is more information at http://www.engagementringshouston.us/houston-jewelers-tx/ about cut and carat weight. These factors are less subjective as they apply to the size of the diamond and its shape. Price goes up with size, especially when the diamond has good qualities for color and clarity. The cut is just personal preference about the particular shape of the diamond. Some people will be interested in the band and there are a variety of choices. While gold is a classic choice, platinum is also popular. This is where knowing what the future bride prefers is priceless. A marriage proposal with a ring that features her favorite elements in a ring will be appreciated.

There is no substitute for the engagement rings Houston brides want. This is a major life event and no expense should be spared. Getting the best value will show a bride how special she is. Buying the perfect ring is a major investment, but it is worth it to prove how deep the groom's commitment to the relationship is. There is only one chance to get a marriage right and the ring is a major part of the process.