The cupcake has become the popular dessert of parties. Where cookies, candies or even cake were once the obvious choice on a snack table, that plate has now been changed to these delicious treats. Cupcakes by are the perfect choice for every type of event for a number of reasons.

#1. They are the perfect size.

Cupcakes fit comfortably in the hand and are easy for even children to carry around on their own. They enable the guest to enjoy a decadent treat, but because they are a reasonable portion size, they can do so without feeling guilty.

#2. Cupcakes are easy to serve.

A cupcake basically comes in its own dish because they are baked directly in the wrappers they are served in. You can add a plate or napkin if they are wanted, but they are not actually necessary.

#3. It is easy to judge how many serving sizes to order.

Ordering a cake for a large event can be difficult. It is hard to know exactly what size to choose. Even if you decide to have one slice available for each guest, every person can have a different idea of what the right size of a slice would be. With a cupcake from Iwanna Cupcakes make it simple to order. One cupcake equals one serving.

#4. The options are endless.

Cupcakes can be sweet or savory, be decorated in any manner and even be baked in wrappers of any color. They can be decorated individually or used together to create one large design. wedding cupcakes from can be made to appeal to children, to reveal either pink or blue at a baby shower gender party or to give as a gift to someone special.

#5. They make a beautiful display.

With an endless array of decorations and frosting colors, the displays possible with a table of cupcakes is impressive. They are often arranged in tiers, fanned out in rainbows and used to display messages. The designs can be cute, romantic or elegant depending on the party theme.

By ordering Cupcakes Singapore event planners are giving their guests the best that the bakery world has to offer today. Yes, they are trendy, but even more importantly cupcakes are crowd pleasers that are loved by nearly everyone. They continue to be one of the most popular treats at any dessert table and with the right baker creating them, they will be the highlight of any party.