For most businesses, a computer infrastructure is a huge investment. The average server costs thousands of dollars, and the software to run that server isn't cheap either. Office productivity software can cost hundreds of dollars, especially if there are more than a handful of employees who need the software.

If a company purchases their own servers, they will need to hire an IT staff to maintain the servers and keep the software configured properly. Overall, most businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on a computer infrastructure that will only need to be upgraded in the future. Some businesses would find this kind of investment difficult to absorb. The answer is a more cost-effective computing solution that offers all the right features for a flat monthly rate that can be adjusted to suit the needs and the budget of any company.

Many businesses have found using a managed IT service in Cincinnati is much more cost effective than outright purchasing a computer infrastructure. Hosted services allow businesses to use all the hardware they need to run their software without having to purchase servers, hire IT staff or purchase licenses for productivity software in most cases. The computing takes place off-site meaning that there's no need to try to make space for a server room or network in additional computers. Software is accessed over the internet through terminals and works as if it were being used on the computer itself. Anything from VOIP to using word processing software can be hosted on servers owned and maintained by the service provider.

A hosted approach to office computing is an ideal solution for the kind of IT Support Cincinnati businesses need, especially if investing in an on-site solution simply isn't possible. A flat monthly rate can be arranged by the service provider. The business owner or operator will need to choose a service plan that suits the needs of the company. If, in the future, the owner or operator finds that they aren't utilizing the services or hardware they are paying for the service plan can be scaled down. If the business grows and needs to add additional terminals for employees or utilize more system resources, the plan can be scaled up for a more robust solution.