One of the really wonderful things about Sydney is just how much world-class dining is to be found here. Although it is something of a secret to outsiders, Sydney boasts a dazzling array of top-quality restaurants that span the world's greatest cuisines.

When it comes to choosing an Italian restaurant sydney locals, for example, do not have to confine themselves to something merely average. In fact, the city hosts restaurants that cover every distinct regional cuisine of that great culinary country, from north to south, and many of them do so at the highest levels of accomplishment.

That can entail, for instance, a night spent enjoying the rich, hearty food that is typical of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. Contrary to what some suppose, the generous use of tomatoes is not a given in all regional Italian cuisines, and this can be seen clearly in the food from this part of Italy.

Instead, the cooler climate of Emilia-Romagna means that ranching and dairy farming are more common than the growing of sun-hungry tomatoes. While plenty of the classic dishes of the region make use of a dab of tomato paste or the like, then, most of them do so as an embellishment.

The food in the area around Bologna and elsewhere in the administrative region tends to be of a heartier, heavier sort than is typically found in places further south. Instead of the domineering lightness of acidic tomatoes, for example, the famed ragu of Bologna revolves around the depth and substance of long-simmered meat. While a bit of tomato might perk up the dish, it is that richer, denser character that locals appreciate most about it.

This character has also made the food a favorite with people throughout the Sydney area. In fact, among those who Contact Stromboli Ristorante for all Function Enquiries, questions about the restaurant's ragu Bolognese are some of the most common. In many cities throughout Australia and around the world, diners would not be able to be so particular and pointed about their needs and requirements. In Sydney, though, thanks to the rich culinary tapestry that blankets the area, such questions are an everyday matter.