Many businesses use commercial refrigeration units. Some of the most common businesses using commercial refrigeration include grocery stores, restaurants and florists. Commercial refrigeration units come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit different types of business needs. Check potential units for your business at

Perhaps the most common type of refrigeration unit is a walk-in refrigerator or freezer. These units can be as big as an average sized bedrooms. These units are able to store a large quantity of products and keep them cool at a price businesses can afford. The units are able to keep the product cold while allowing easy walk-in access.

If a room sized refrigeration unit does not fit your needs, you can always look into a refrigerated warehouse. Refrigerated warehouses are designed for businesses that need to keep an exceptionally large amount of products cool. Refrigerated warehouses are often used by companies that produce the food everyone consumes.

Display case refrigeration units are often used inside stores. These types of units typically have clear doors to allow customers to see what is inside. Generally, the doors on these units either slide or swing open. The glass not only allows customers to see inside of the unit, it also helps keep the cool air inside. These units are surprisingly energy efficient and economical for businesses.

Sometimes, in grocery stores, you may see refrigeration units that do not have doors. These displays are typically used to display things like cheese, butter, yogurt, beer, or fruits and vegetables. When you walk by these units, you probably feel the cool air from them. You may be surprised to learn that these units actually do not waste that much energy. Cold air is pumped into the units, and the cold air, through natural laws of thermodynamics, sinks to the bottom of the unit. The majority of cold air is then trapped at the bottom of the unit and reused.

If you are just starting out your business, you need to talk to IRS Refrigeration about what types of units will work best for your business. If you run a restaurant, grocery or florist, you could benefit from a walk in unit. If you have products you want customers to see and purchase, you may need to purchase both open and closed display units. Customers like to purchase products that are cold and refreshing, and these units are the perfect way to provide your customers with what they want. Check out more units and options for your business at