Most internet users are aware that their internet service provider is tracking the sites they visit. What might come as a shock is that their ISP isn't the only one tracking their online activity. Whenever a computer accesses the internet there are any number of agencies, retailers, site owners, and even individuals tracking online activity. Some companies use this data to decide what advertisements are loaded when a site is accessed. For example, sites that a user visits can pay to have advertisements of products you looked at loaded when you open a site. Fortunately, there's a way to stop anyone from tracking online activity or otherwise monitoring internet access. Virtual private networks allow users to access the internet anonymously and safely for a modest amount each month.

Not everyone is going to choose the same VPN provider. Some providers offer faster access,while other providers boast the best security and privacy features. Almost all providers offer plans for less than ten dollars per month. Providers such as Vyprvpn personal VPN offer plans for less than five dollars per month. Every provider is going to try convince the user that they offer the best service. It's important to read the fine print and fully understand restrictions. Choosing a provider with servers in multiple locations will allow access to sites that might not otherwise be available. Best of all, no one will be able to monitor or track internet access or activity.

There are plenty of user reviews and speed tests to explain how fast the internet access is through a VPN. Speed tests will change depending on what country a server is in. Some countries offer limited bandwidth causing slower loading when accessing sites or downloading. IPvanish speed test is a great resource for checking local access speeds. Users that wouldn't be able to access Netflix or other streaming services will be able to stream from any provider. Sites that are region locked can also be accessed using a VPN. Many threats that depend on tracking an IP address will be completely unable to cause any harm or track any activity.