The unfortunate reality that Australia is facing is that an entire generation is unprepared for retirement. Only about 14 percent of Baby Boomers have the money that they need to retire, and only about 11 percent of retirees receive enough superannuation to live off of. This means that the majority of people need to take serious action if they don't want to wake up one day and realize that a comfortable retirement is out of reach. While there are a variety of financial and investment options that you can consider to improve your situation, one of the ones that you should look very closely at is getting an Investment Property.

More Accessible Than You Think

If you were to ask most people is property a good investment, they would probably say yes. Over the course of a lifetime, even a person who isn't particularly interested in finances or investing can easily see that real estate values rise much more reliably than the prices on other types of investments. The main thing that usually stops people from trying to use this option for themselves is the belief that you have to be rich to be able to afford such a property.

This is an unfortunate piece of misinformation. The reality is that a potential investor can usually find a bank that will finance as much as 95 percent of the purchase price. This means that buying a decent rental home actually only requires that you come up with a small fraction of its value yourself. The rest can be arranged through a bank. Then, you can use the rent money that you'll get from your tenants to make the loan payments.

Learning The Process

The other major barrier to entering the real estate market is one of information. Most people don't know how to choose the right property or how to make sure that they're getting it at a reasonable price. The typical person certainly isn't an expert in the legal issues relating to a real estate transaction or investment properties for sale how to locate good tenants. All of this information is important if you want to invest in real estate with as little stress and trouble as possible.

This is why investors turn to Kate Rollan for advice. She represents a site that offers the exact information that people need to get started with investing, including listings of appropriate properties that are for sale. Smart investors will still take the time that they need to fully understand the information available so that they can make good decisions throughout the process, but starting with this information makes it a lot easier to get up to speed and to feel ready to start buying.