When good fortune strikes, it can be more difficult than many would suppose to figure out how best to take advantage. For some people who suddenly come into large sums of money through unexpected inheritance, for example, arranging to invest the new assets in safe, productive ways can be surprisingly difficult.

While not everyone will run into this particular situation, there is a much more common one than can be every bit as challenging. It is more usual than ever for people who have worked for ten years or more for a single company to suddenly find themselves facing a change of employers. These events can be difficult in their own rights, but they also often lead to related needs that many people are unaccustomed to dealing with.

After being diligent about contributing to an employer-matched 401(k) fund for many years, for example, someone who confronts a career development of this sort needs to thing about more than professional adjustments. With $100,000 or more in the account that suddenly needs to be taken care of, this can be a major challenge for people who had previously been content to let their savings ride.

Figuring out how to invest 100k safely can be challenging, but those who buckle down and survey the options typically come up with some good answers. One popular place where to invest 100k today, for example, is in IRA accounts backed by precious metals, for a number of reasons.

One of these is that many of those looking into investing 100k without risk discover a lot of warnings about an upcoming surge of inflation. While inflation has been low for a number of years, recent indications by the Federal Reserve that interest rates would be rising make it seem likely that this situation will not continue.

If inflation were to jump suddenly, many investors fear, cash savings could take a quick, significant hit as a result. Precious metals, on the other hand, traditionally offer a bulwark against such inflation-induced losses, making them seem like an especially good option to many at the present time.

How to invest 100k to minimize risk might not be the easiest of questions to answer, then, but the truth is that there are always solutions to the problem. For those who suddenly find themselves confronted with the need to invest a large sum of money, the key seems to be to stay calm and think strategically. Whether because of unexpected good fortune or a sudden career change, these surprises can be dealt with.