When you have had a slip and fall accident, auto accident or are injured at your place of employment the pain that you experience can last a lifetime. Often the true extent of your injuries may not show up for months or years afterward. Head injuries are difficult to diagnose, and back injuries that result in degenerative discs are a few examples. When you have been hurt, you need to find a lawyer in St. Louis, that will work for you seeking the compensation you deserve. Your injuries may require a lifetime of care, procedures and medications.

Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible. Workmen's Compensation laws in Missouri allow the insurance company (the one that pays out your claim) to decide which doctor you see to determine if you qualify for wage loss and medical expense compensation. It is not in the insurance companies best interest to pay you what you deserve. It is in your best interest to contact Brown & Crouppen and consult with one of their personal injury attorney in the St. Louis area. They have extensive experience in this area of the law, and are your voice in court.

Drug companies, doctors and hospitals are in the business of taking care of sick people. Their goal is to make you well. Sometimes a mistake is made. The drug trials were not completely honest and your child was born with a disability, the pharmacy gave your loved one the wrong drug and it cost them their life. Hospital staff is overworked and underpaid, expected to work long hours and to perform their job with 100% accurately. Accidents do happen in the hospitals. Simple surgeries go wrong, medications are mixed up and a key element of someones medical history is overlooked. No one intentionally caused you or your loved ones harm, but it happens. You need a respected attorney in St. Louis to speak up for you in court, saying the things that you are unable to say.

There are laws regulating the manufacturing of products sold to the public. When you buy a car you expect it to be safe. When the ignition switch fails and the car shuts off unexpectedly, a fatal or near fatal accident can happen. Baby toys, clothing and products are supposed to be safe. When crib railings fail and a child is crushed or pacifiers come apart and lodge in their throat, you need someone on your side to fight for you and your child.

If you or your family have suffered because of someone's negligence, a poorly made product or received harmful medications, you do not have to simply live with it. You can have a team of attorneys in the St. Louis area ready and willing to go to bat for you. They will make sure the person or company responsible for your pain and suffering pays. Make a call to Brown & Crouppen, today.