Homes can get cluttered quickly, and there is never enough space for everything. Before you pay for a storage unit, or put a shed in the back yard, take a closer look at your home. There is more space available than you realize. A lot of space is wasted, and it could be used for many things. Ceiling Mounts and Wall Mounts can be added to just about every room in your home to help you get organized and eliminate clutter. You can use ceiling and wall space to hang things, create viable Storage Solutions, add to the functionality of rooms, and enhance your decor.

Mounting Solutions are easy to install and versatile, when using the "V-bar" system. Each bar is made of 14 gauge zinc-coated steel, can hold up to 1,000 pounds, and is available in different lengths and colors. Colors options are black, white, tan, red, and blue. Lengths come in two, three, five, and eight feet. This solution is cost effective and comes with a lifetime warranty. The hooks that go into the bar are adaptable because they can be moved to different places along the bar itself. It can be mounted on ceilings, suspended ceilings, walls, sheet rock, and open framing. Available accessories include bicycle hooks and a suspended ceiling accessory kit.

The possibilities for use are endless. Hanging Solutions in the garage will allow you to get bicycles, equipment, and tools off the floor and out of the way. In the kitchen, you can hang pots and pans, utensils, plants, baskets for vegetables, additional lighting, and suspended wine racks. This will give you more counter and cabinet space for everything else. You can hang things up in a small bathroom to make it look and feel bigger. A blow dryer, curling, iron, and a shaver can be hung on wall mounts so they are out of way, yet still in easy reach. Towels can be hung up as well.

Outdoors, you can use ceiling hooks and mounts to add a swing or hammock to your porch. You can hang plants and suspend flower boxes, as well as decorations around the holidays. A small bar can be used on the exterior of the house to get the garden hose up off the ground, and indoor play sets keep gardening tools in easy reach. There is enough space in and round your home to keep everything organized, as long as you find the right solutions. You do not have to spend money on a storage unit, or spend time getting there to access your items.