Writing in one of the most recent issues of The Air Cargo News, senior journalist and a commentator on all types of transportation related topics, Tirthankar Ghosh has very closely observed that air cargo services in India have been stirred up by the moderate fall in global crude oil prices by around 40% in the past one year. The Express Industry Council of India (EICI), the highest body of air delivery solutions providers in India, has also called for the immediate secession of Fuel Surcharge imposed by domestic airlines. Apart from the forwarders, it is the express solution providers that make use of use airlines.

Despite the frequently odd circumstances, there have been providers of air cargo services in India that have come up to the occasion. Some of the prominent names among them have been rendering fully chartered services, especially in airlifting the goods to the destination. Of course, these top-notch companies are not merely a forwarding agency, but the one offering highly diversified services in the segment of air transport in the country.

As far as, some other modes of ground transportation including road, rail and sea are concerned, G Vaidyanathan of JNPT has recently conducted a comprehensive research. Covering these 3 modes of communication, he projected a possible forecast that India will be the leader of Asia in all these modes in the next 5 years. As published in the reputed PIANC Magazine, The World Association of Transport Infrastructure is of the view that traffic growth in India will surpass almost all the Asian countries in the next 5-7 years.

From the time when the government of India took the decision of liberalizing the country's economy around 25 years ago, the companies in aviation sector have emerged as a great contributor to the economy of the country. Off late, the providers of air ground handling services in India have their own world-class plane fleets and infrastructure to meet the needs of both national and international clients. They have tie-ups with the Airport Authority of India to mobilize their services for national and global cargo handling assignments.

Most of these companies have their headquarters in the national capital region of India where they have established their state of the art customer service centres backed by a highly competent team of staffers. Almost each and every company has launched its dedicated mobile application to meet their clients' needs in a hi-tech way. During the time of crisis, even the government of India makes the most of these service providers, particularly under the conditions of national calamities likes floods and earthquakes, war and some other emergencies. This way, these cargo solution providers not only gaining individual advantages, but also enabling the country to combat all transportation related challenges.