Security is of major concern these days, whether we are inside the comfort of our home or outside. With growing concern for security, there has been increasing the number of the invention in the security solution sphere. In the last couple of years, we have seen many security solution companies emerged in the market offering multitude of security systems. And every year we see some enhancement in technology too. The wide selection in this range includes - video cameras, video door bells, remote sensing cameras, night vision cameras and there are wired as well as wireless cameras too, depending on the security needs. These are manufactured with various features starting from based on image resolution to, style & design, coverage capacity, etc. to track the activities taking place in and around a place.

Today nobody wants to take a chance and hence we see these cameras being installed at many places and not just in public places. Offices and house owners too have started installing security systems to keep their surroundings safe from any form of crime. The plug and play wireless security camera allows 360-degree security solutions with an easy connectivity to your smartphone that gives you an easy access in your home through the camera. These are designed with a best-in-class advanced technology making surveillance in and from any angel, effortless. Even when you are not at home and you need someone to take care of your kids and your parents and pets. These cameras deliver high-quality pictures with bright colors, helping you to recognize each and every detail.

The plug and play outdoor security camera are available for outdoor security purpose. These cameras have a different focus range so that pictures can be captured with details of a wider area. These come in various aesthetic designs that can easily mix up with your interior and exterior décor.

These cutting edge techno-based cameras are designed to deliver dynamic quality through high resolutions. There are free lens rotation and adjustable viewing to cover a larger area and can work in minimum lights or no lights too. Wide angle coverage, 3rd eye surveillance to protect the surroundings, day night vision features with round the clock surveillance with built-in auto electronic shutters with motion detection feature are some of the features of these outdoor cameras. The purpose of these outdoor cameras is for surveillance of your backyard, garden area, parking area and the entrance of your house, which are most vulnerable to crime activities. It has become of high importance these days to install security cameras inside and outside your home and office to keep your surroundings safe and secure.