In the home construction process, most electrical contractors become involved in the process once the home is near its completion. The electrician will come into the home and provide the construction crew and home owner with an estimate regarding the cost of their services. If the home owner and construction manager find the price appropriate and accept the bid, the electrician will begin work on the residence.

There are both residential and commercial electricians. Commercial electricians work on larger company buildings. They might be hired with the business is building or brought in during renovation. Residential deals more with home owners and more at the average person. Some electrical companies offer both services and may send out more than one contractor to a job site so that they can finish their work more efficiently for the customer.

Both residential and commercial electricians in St. Louis look at certain facets of a building before making their bid. Some of these details include:

Number of outlets required
Lighting requests in the building
Number of complex lighting fixtures
Materials used
Floor plan of the building
Quality of walls and roofing structure

These questions will all lead to the predicted amount of time invested by an electrician in St. Louis into the job. Easy access to wiring is crucial for an electrician who doesn't want to waste a customer's time and money.

Once the cost of materials has been calculated in addition to the predicted amount of time required to appropriately service the location, the electrician will make a bid on the job. In most cases, if a home owner is just looking for a simple renovation or installing an addition onto the house, the cost will be low. A bid will generally include details about exactly how long the job will take to complete. Most bids will come with a contract that will have a beginning job date and a finish date. This deadline needs to be carefully considered by the construction team.

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