It's a day ending in -y, so it must be time for another state to enact a new anti-abortion law. 

Kansas's bill, which is awaiting the governor's signature, adds a couple steps to the process of getting an abortion (step one: drive out of Kansas). It also comes with a unique tweak to the doctor-patient relationship.

Once upon a time, physicians had a duty to give patients advice based on scientific evidence. Which, boring. Now Kansas doctors will be responsible for telling patients scary stories, like the entirely fictional one about how abortion leads to breast cancer.

Suggestion: if doctors are going to be required to lie to their patients, why not make them tell feel-good lies instead of terrifying fables about the imaginary link between abortion and cancer?

"Yes, Mrs. Graham, your son made a good decision getting his Ph.d in comparative literature" is a nice lie.

Or perhaps the greatest lie of all: "The Kansas state legislature is a sensible, responsible institution that is totally protecting the rights of its citizens."

Photo of Bible verse that failed to make it to the King James version via Barry Cronin/AFP/Getty Images