The people of India are some of the world's most avid consumers of incense. On a per capita basis, they are challenged by the residents of a few countries like Thailand, with the exact ranking being hard to pin down. In absolute terms, though, they easily run away with the title, thanks to that widespread love for incense and India's teeming population.

It is fitting, then, that incense production is so economically important to a number of regions in India. Relatively easy to get started with, incense production perfectly suits some of the country's less-developed areas. India is the birthplace, in fact, of many self-made incense moguls, people who got their start working in small factories before setting out on their own.

While those facts are positive ones for many people in India and for the industry in general, they do imply some downsides. For one thing, traditional incense production is typically conducted by companies and in facilities with little external oversight. Compared to the strict rules and regulations that govern food production in most places, the making of incense is much harder to delve into.

That might not seem important at first, but many people have become concerned about this situation in recent years. Burning incense, after all, not only releases the desired aromas into the air, it also entails the production of potentially harmful substances, as well. With no way of verifying what a particular package of conventional incense actually contains, some people have started becoming worried about health risks.

For many such people, herbal incense is the answer. Verified to be entirely natural and containing only substances whose health implications are well understood, herbal incense is a model of transparency compared to the slim incense sticks that most people are used to.

Suppliers like also offer enough in the way of variety that anyone's particular tastes in incense can be accommodated. That means offering a selection that includes everything from traditional favorites like nag champa-style herbal blends to the fancier and more creative aromas that many modern incense fans appreciate so much.

For those for whom burning incense seems like too much of a commitment, there are also excellent options of other sorts. A simple herbal potpourri mixture, for example, can improve the atmosphere in a room for weeks on end with no need for tending. With so many excellent options of an herbal sort now being available, in fact, many people find that there is no need to make use of the usual kinds of incense coming out of India.