Gas grills have been popular for decades, and for a lot of very good reasons. One of these, of course, is that gas is easier and the best gas grill on the market more convenient to work with, as it takes no more than a simple twist of a knob to get one started. Another is that the heat from gas is far easier to control than charcoal is, with that same knob allowing for fast, precise adjustment.

The best gas grill from broil king or a similarly accomplished company, then, will be more than a match for an excellent one that burns charcoal instead. Among those who keep up with the most useful barbecue tips, too, a number of unique ways of leveraging the strengths of gas also become indispensable.

One of these is to make good use of the way that gas responds almost instantly to adjustment. A charcoal fire invariably takes time to lose heat or start producing more of it, meaning that working with charcoal requires accounting for these inevitable curves.

With gas, things can be much more straightforward. That means that it is entirely possible, for example, to put a good sear on some thick-cut vegetables to start things off, before dropping the temperature to a lower level that is more appropriate for roasting. With a charcoal grill, even a top of the line bbq unit, the food would spend much more time in an intermediate zone that is not really doing it much good.

That also means that low temperature, long-duration cooking is often much easier to arrange on a gas grill. For cuts like pork shoulder or beef brisket, for example, arranging charcoal piles in such a way that they will burn slowly for hours on end is practically an art unto itself. With a gas grill, on the other hand, this is normally a simple matter of turning a knob to "low" and leaving it there.

Another great thing about an imperial gas grill compared to one that uses charcoal is how quick it is to get going. Many such grills can be started from scratch in a matter of minutes, meaning that spur of the moment cooking is much more of a possibility. That is a big part of the reason why gas grills typically receive much more in the way of usage, as so many of their owners can attest. With so many strengths to offer to those who love grilling, there are many good reasons that gas grills are so popular.