Whether you've been in the real estate game for a while or you're just getting started, you'll want this list of things top REALTORS(R) do every day. Enjoy!

Sometimes being a successful realtor looks a lot like being a successful person.

Get up early, have a morning ritual. Delegate tasks to other people. Value your time.

But there is more than just being a successful person when you are a successful Realtor. And that's the takeaway from this article. You should know what sets a great realtor from an average one.

1. A Great Realtor Knows Their Town's Neighborhoods Better Than Their Own House

You know, if you examined your house carefully today, you might notice some things you didn't yesterday. This is because you don't notice the little things when you live in your house. You're too busy living in it.

But how well you know the neighborhoods where your for-sale houses are, that's got to be ten times better than how you know your house.

Because potential buyers are going to have questions. You need to know where every school is. Where every sex offender lives. Where the best parks are located, where it floods, where it doesn't. If the city actually takes care of the streets, etc. Because you are the neighborhood expert.

2. They Are Technology Experts

For years we just used pamphlets, newsletters, and postcards to advertise. Now we're online, on television, in virtual reality, etc.

27% of agents spend $500-2000 on technology each year. And that number is growing. They mostly spend them on iPads and Smartphones and digital cameras.

And online listings are not the top places to post a resource on Real Estate listings.

So, you may not be diagnosing computer problems, but you'll need to know your tech like you do your own hand.

3. They Know Their Work Well Enough To Explain It To A Child

Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

You may know a lot about the real estate business. You may have even been in the business for many years. But until you can explain what you are doing simply, you will never get people to understand why they need you.

4. They Do NOT Wait To Return Their Phone Calls

You want leads. You want as many leads as possible. Why? Becuase the typical closing rate for leads is .5-1% Yep. It's that low!

You need to follow up on your leads and you need to follow up correctly. If you can automate your lead follow up system, even better.

But you need to be quickly fielding calls. Because, guess what, you're not the only shark in the sea. There are other realtors and brokers right there to snatch up your leads.

5. They Network Like A Zuckerburg

You know the best bankers, lawyers, contractors, appraisers, insurance providers, etc. You go to their parties. You attend their talks. You know their children by name. You know their dirty deeds (ok, maybe you don't know them that well). But it's good to know how reputable people are in their professional lives.


There are more than two million active licensed realtors in the United States. Are you going to be the one in your city to stand above the rest?