Your old concrete floor can look as good as new with some concrete polishing, although there are several things to know before starting any floor rejuvenation project.

The floor in your home is probably one of your more expensive items. Just like other costly items and furnishings in your home, it's a lot less expensive to restore and rejuvenate it, rather than replace it altogether.

Concrete resurfacing is an affordable and fairly straightforward way to improve the looks of a concrete floor that's definitely starting to show signs of aging. Any small cracks or blemishes in your existing concrete floors can be addressed by simply applying a thin overlay of polymer or cement.

Floor rejuvenation for your concrete floors has several advantages over replacing the floor:


On average, it will cost you about a third less for floor resurfacing, than it would to replace the entire concrete floor, and many homeowners consider that one of the biggest benefits. The project can be completed quickly too, once you have purchased the materials and have a reliable contractor for the job.

Different Floor Types

It's easy to find a good contractor with the expertise to repair the concrete floors in your home, office or other building, and you can use this repair on just about any floor.


Different colors, textures and finishes are available, and you can easily customize your floor, or even add a non slip coating at a reasonable cost.

Save Time

Saving time is probably important to you, and resurfacing and polishing your existing floor is a lot less time consuming than tearing up your old floor and replacing it.

Damage Resistant

Concrete floors that have been resurfaced are much stronger and safer than ever, and the extra coating will ensure the floor lasts as long as possible. Definitely a big plus when you consider that the most used and abused structural element in most buildings is the floor.

A Worthwhile Investment

A more visually appealing and durable floor in your building means happier occupants, and of course floor rejuvenation can also add value to your home or commercial building.

However, concrete resurfacing isn't necessarily the best option for all concrete floors, and if your floor has large cracks that affect the foundation, or huge holes, you will probably need to replace it. Resurfacing will only work to a certain extent, although if you have slight damage to your floor, it is probably your best approach.

Most experts will tell you not to attempt any concrete resurfacing project yourself, however tempting it is to do that. It's a job best left to a qualified expert, and you should easily be able to find the right contractor in your area.

Of course, you should always use the services of an experienced and reliable concrete grinding and rejuvenation company, as unfortunately not all companies are reputable. You want your concrete floors to look better after any concrete resurfacing project, not worse than they did before, and it's worth taking the time to check around and ask for recommendations and testimonials. A good company will provide a no obligation quote for a concrete resurfacing job, and will also offer useful advice on maintaining your new look concrete floors.