To enlighten one’s mind or to free it is to be able to bring forth liberation. The liberal aspect of life is the one where there are no constraints from and of any sort. The Illuminati is the principle of enlightening or bringing forth into perspective that which is kept in the dark. The same way the physics of illumination functions is the way the group works. Every individual has a particular mindset and way of working. When one starts to associate with others similar to their thinking they tend to work better. Join Illuminati if one feels associated with the group. The existence of the group can be dated back to a very long time.

Illuminati was originally formed during the period when the state affairs were being dictated by the religious officials. Superstitious beliefs and religious practices were hampering the growth of the city. People were being segregated and divided into groups and classes were being formed. During this phase women were suppressed. They were not to leave their household premises nor was education ever offered to them.

All these caused great intellectuals to take a stand. The individuals that joined into a group called themselves the Illuminati. As the word "Illuminati" expresses enlightenment, the very purpose of their formation came forth. The individuals from these groups belong to every walk of life. These are highly influential people who can in one way or the other affect the affairs of the state. Being intellectually sound and financially well established is one of the benefits of being associated with the group. The purpose of forming the group is to spread awareness about religious influences upon people. Superstitious believes restrains and how do you join the illuminati individuals thinking capacity from developing. Illuminati is a liberation process. A freedom achieved by open or free thinking. Their devotion and loyalty lies in the principles that govern the group.

Every member of this group is disciplined. They follow set rules and regulations of their seniors. They are not loud individuals. Neither do they conduct rallies. They uphold their doctrine and silently practice what they preach. There are many sites, reports and individuals who are contrary towards their beliefs. Everything has its pros and joining the illuminati cons. It is up to the individual person and their actions that determine the sole purpose of their becoming a part of the group.

Illuminati has been one of the main groups that has fallen into the limelight for many of the most unfortunate incidences. These are just speculations. No one truly knows the nature of their work or activities as they are a closed group. The fact that these are groups of individuals who are educationalists, officials from various governments brings them into the center of attention. Any individual can join Illuminati. All one has to do is fill out the online form. There are no fees structures or any acts to be done to become a part of this group. Once an individual starts believing in their ideologies they tend to become one of them.