If you looked hard enough you can easily find all kinds of strange and unusual methods people use to achieve what they think is a healthy state. But this is really not surprising given the plethora of advice that is flat out wrong or based on old tales. All any person can do, and this includes you, is to always try and discover the truth when it comes to your health and getting fit. Watch as we roll back the false information and clear the air on the following three items pertaining to health and fitness.

You may have heard that crust of bread is very healthy for you, and this may include white bread which http://www.naturalnews.com/health.html is a health disaster. There is little in the crust that deserves that kind of attention, and some research has born this out. When you are out shopping for breads, pay attention to the types of wheat used. Actually, the crusts of wheat bread are no doubt healthier than an entire slice of white bread, and it will not stick in your gut like white paste bread. Going outside with wet hair increases your chances of catching a cold. You are not alone because even I was told that as a kid. The truth is that feeling cold or being wet does not actively affect your immune system. You can be cold when you are outside, and some studies have proven that this has no bearing on catching a cold, and the bit about the hair was also shown to have no bearing. Old habits die hard, and that is the truth - so just be aware of this and never assume you are going to mohca.us get sick due to these situations.

You may find it ultimately to be not true that weight loss efforts will be smoother and more effective by getting rid of gluten in your diet. This is just another crazy thing to come out of who knows where, but the important point is that it is not true and never will be. If you have some other medically related reason for not eating gluten, then by all means do not eat it - this is just about the argument regarding weight loss.

If you can safely eat gluten, then forget about it as it concerns losing excess weight. Then of course we have to tell you to consult with your doctor, and that is fine if you are really not sure.

There are dozens if not hundreds of health, fitness and wellness myths out there. What have you been doing about these issue, anyway? Take some time and read and work at learning something. When you assume control in your life, then you will become reborn and there is nothin