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How to make eyelashes longer

You want longer eyelashes and do very well. But there are ways to "help" to lengthen fast enough to read below how you manage.

Brushed them: It may seem strange but you are not at all. What you have to do is just to the hairstyle. Can the hairstyle with an old brush of a mascara that you do not use anymore and see how it will look more dense and more separate, but will help to lengthen and easier.

Rather than spoil your money trying to make your eyelashes more long with various treatments because they do not spread apart the little Vaseline? Before you fall asleep stretched out a little Vaseline on your lashes and will see more long. You may not find yourself the next day with lashes to the brow but if you do it for a while you will see results over time.

Olive oil is not only perfect for the food but do good to your eyelashes. If you stretch a little olive oil on your eyelashes at night before you fall asleep they will absorb all the nutrients and will grow.

Do massage: Your eyelashes may fall or break, or simply not to care. If rubbing lightly eyelashes but you now and will activate the hair follicle and thus will help your eyelashes grow faster.

Vitamin E is good. A small amount on your lashes will launch soared. Style vitamin E lotion is a perfect way to see them grow up.

Would you like thicker lashes, but do not know how to acquisitions in order to show even more doll? Follow the steps below and get ready to impress everyone with your eyes!

Until the last drop: olive oil is the magic tool of your beauty that promises to give you thicker lashes in time dt! It is also no secret that olive oil is good for both the hair and in your eyelashes. Only a few drops of olive oil is enough to see them grow long and to thicken very quickly! Enter a few drops on your eyelids for 5 leptakia and then rinse with tap water. So your lashes will become brighter and more dense. He repeated the process for at least four weeks for more guaranteed results.

Vitamins: the lack of vitamins in your body can cause thinning of your eyelashes, which must corrections! Vitamin B and D should be included in your meal if you want your eyes to be seductive! So vegetables, rice, wholemeal pasta, nuts, red meat, poultry, avocado should have a place in your diet you want to have wonderful thick lashes! This will restrict the harmful effects that can have scissors for your lashes.

Beware: the cleansing and your eyes! Certainly not hear it the first time that the cleansing they may lose several lashes if not carefully polish remover. Take care to bleach your lashes with a special lotion cleansing eyes and avoided the wipes for face and eyes because anyway is not the same.

Fuselage: do not overdo the makeup! Can the more layer of mascara put becomes more impressive result, but what about when your eyelashes are beginning to "fall" slowly? Up to 2 coats of mascara you are super!

Vaseline: Vaseline is proving to be another key tool of your beauty should never be missing from your beauty case but also your ally in the fight for a more "full" eyelashes. Remember before you fall asleep to reach out to your lashes a small amount of petroleum jelly every night. During overnight petrolatum will penetrate your eyelids and nourish them. With the brush for your lashes stretched enough Vaseline on your eyelids and left! In the morning, rinse with tap refreshing water to see its beneficial effects and will not believe your eyes! Remember that Vaseline will give you very fast results.

Forget for a moment the scissors for what lashes: to recover are your lashes from the hassle of daily makeup, you might want to forget for a while the "miraculous" scissors although gives to your eyelashes a "call" but on the other there always the fear of "cut" in this way many lashes.

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