More Stories launches for live streaming | TechCrunch is expanding beyond music videos with the launch of, its live stream platform. Users will be able to broadcast through the app, and the streams will be viewable on

Launched last year, is growing fast, with about 80 million young teens using it around the globe. The app makes it easy to create music videos by allowing users to dub over their voices with songs from popular artists like Rihanna and Meghan Trainor.

Now the app is moving beyond recorded videos with the integration of Live streaming has become increasingly popular, with the launch of Facebook Live and the continued evolution of Twitter's Periscope. is hoping it can capitalize on this trend and be a force in the live video business.

Details of Sillerman's Resignation Released - Amplify

When Robert Sillerman resigned from his position as CEO of SFX earlier this year, he was able to keep his chairman's title, his Manhattan office, his assistant, his company car and his health insurance, according to resignation papers filed in federal bankrupcty court (read it here).

Sillerman will remain the chairman of the EDM company he helped create in 2012, but his tenure as CEO officially ended March 31, just two months into the company's chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

"Although you are resigning," a letter from interim CEO Michael Katzenstein reads, "you will remain an employee of SFX and in this position you will be paid only minimum wage for as long as you remain Chairman of the Board."

Why managers should create a centralised workflow to harness the power of remarketing data - midemblog

The need for 'top down' data management within the music industry is now at its highest. Artists with careers that span several campaigns may see numerous members of their collective team (press officers, labels, distributors etc.) come and go but managers (and artists) should be doing more to hold on to the intellectual data that defines their audience and in turn helps shape their careers.

When I started working in the music industry a little over a decade ago, the roles within an artist's team were highly defined (PR, radio plugger, marketing manager etc.). However as the industry has continued to adapt to new technologies, the original purpose of those roles has shifted. This has resulted in the creation of new opportunities, but also the potential for mismanagement. With roles shifting, we have seen a prospective land-grab of anything 'digital' heightened by the belief that this is the future of the industry.

Rapino Talks Secondary Market Strategy On Kafka Podcast: 'There's about $8 Billion Sitting on the Sidelines' - Amplify

The head of the world's largest music promotion company said his first years at Live Nation were marked with a single obsession — transition from a business-to-business company to a business-to-consumer company.

"If we don't become B2C," he said during a lively interview on the Recode Media podcast, "we're going to be screwed in the middle. The content will do well, and so will whoever shakes the customer's hand. We'll get squeezed. We got to do B2C."

What to Expect at This Year's MIDEM Conference: The Highlights | Billboard


In its ninth year, the business-pitching competition Midemlab has drawn 150 submissions from digital music ­startups in 31 countries. Competitors vie for recognition in three categories: music discovery, recommendation and creation; marketing, social ­engagement and ­monetization; and hardware including virtual reality ­devices. Previous ­honorees include ­SoundCloud, The Echo Nest and ­Kickstarter. Winners will be named June 4 during the ­"Innovation Factory" ­session.

Twitter tunes into Spotify to soundtrack its audio cards | TechCrunch

Whistle while you tweet with the new partnership between Twitter and Spotify. Now you can listen to 30-second previews of songs in your timeline and Moments thanks to Twitter's audio cards that now support Spotify.

Twitter first launched audio cards in 2014 with iTunes previews and later worked withSoundCloud. Now the most popular on-demand subscription streaming service will lend your ears something to scroll to. Beyond playing while looking at a tweet, you can dock the music player in the corner of Twitter and keep browsing your feed while the music plays.

Kanye West Returns to CAA After a Year at UTA | Billboard

Kanye West has returned to CAA for worldwide representation after departing the agency for UTA in March 2015, Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed.

Although he played a handful of festival dates in the past year, his last tour was 2013-14's Yeezus Tour. This February the rapper released his latest studio album, The Life of Pablo, as well as Season 3 of his Yeezy fashion line.

West's new team at CAA comprises managing partner and music head Rob Light, Darryl Eaton, Emma Banks, Marlene Tsuchii and Jenna Adler. He was previously repped at CAA by veteran agent Cara Lewis, who spent 23 years at WME before moving to CAA in 2012. She then left the agency last November and opened her own firm, CL Group, this January. One of her other artists at CAA, Iggy Azalea, signed with WME last month.

Music has been an active battlefield in Hollywood's ongoing agency wars, often led by musical chairs at the agent level. A year ago, UTA music department founder Rob Prinz left to become co-head of worldwide concerts at ICM Partners, bringing with him artists including Celine Dion, while Macklemore & Ryan Lewis followed their reps Peter Schwartz and James Rubin from The Agency Group, which was the world's largest independent music agency, to WME. The Agency Group as a whole was then acquired in August by UTA, adding the likes of Muse, The Black Keys Paramore, Nickelback and Guns N' Roses to their roster, although other TAG artists joined other firms instead: The Black Keys to Paradigm (following their TAG agent Dave Kaplan) and Tegan and Sara to WME.

Pandora Stock Rises on Merger Rumors - Hollywood Reporter

Shares of the online music company have advanced 32 percent in three weeks.

Shares of Pandora Radio rose 2 percent on Friday and are now up 32 percent in the past three weeks as rumors swirl that the streaming-music firm is on the auction block.

Pandora is popular, with 100 million unique listeners each month, but it is losing money, and two months ago, Brian McAndrews stepped down as CEO and was replaced by co-founder Tim Westergr

Universal Music Group purchases Fame House from SFX

Universal Music Group, one of the big three major labels, has officially bought digital marketing company Fame House from SFX Entertainment for $1 million.

Fame House, based in Philadelphia, provides web and social media services to musicians including Eminem, Tiesto, Pretty Lights and Matisyahu, to name a few. The acquisition of the digital marketer came packaged with an additional $400,000 in debt and liabilities, which Universal agreed to shoulder.

Songtradr Takes Off: Thousands of New Artists, Songwriters, Composers, Labels and Publishers Flock

Since launching in March, Songtradr's licensing platform has welcomed over 6,000 artists, songwriters, and composers, as well as established labels, publishers, and music libraries as content partners and clients. Songtradr's team is actively matching the flood of submissions with makers of films, TV, video games, and ads in the global marketplace. Users have signed up from more than 50 countries, uploading thousands of tracks each week, making Songtradr the most geographically diverse music licensing marketplace in the world.

"We had approximately 350 new users sign up each week during March and since our keynote presentation in April at MUSEXPO, thousands more have joined," explains Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire. "It's very exciting."

How digital is boosting music sales, in figures

Last year's increase in music revenue came mostly thanks to streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. Will the trend stay positive in 2016? Let's have a look at the numbers behind that boost.

3.2%: The percentage the industry grew globally in 2015, reaching $15 billion in value. In addition to seeing the first increase in 17 years, 2015 also marked the first time digital sales outnumbered physical music sales. Physical sales totaled $5.8 billion, a 4.5% drop, while digital sales totaled $6.7 billion, a 10.2% increase. However, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) says it's too early to celebrate for now: the 3.2% doesn't come close to making up for the 35% drop the industry has endured over the last two decades. Source: Music Ally

34%: The percentage of music industry revenue in the United States that comes from streaming music sales, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). That's up from 27% in 2014, and means streaming has surpassed digital download sales. In 2015, streaming sales totaled $2.4 billion while digital sales were $2.3 billion. The RIAA says the revenue generated from streaming music-service subscriptions totaled $1 billion last year. Source: Music Ally

Digital music: Stuck in the middle with Spotify | The Economist

FOR those with insatiable appetites for music, digital streaming seems like a dream come true. Music fans can simply select artists and genres, and then press play. They see what other fans listen to, and consume a seemingly endless supply of tunes. Digital music services are like 24-hour all-you-can-eat (and whatever-you-want) restaurants of sound.

And yet the digital music landscape continues to narrow. Independent providers that once served a broad range of artists and fans have been snapped up by big companies with deep pockets and ties to major labels. Google has owned YouTube—named the number one music-streaming platform since 2006. In February, YouTube spent $8m to acquire BandPage, a San Francisco start-up that helps artists sell merchandise, concert tickets and fan experiences. In 2014, Beats Music, a subscription-based streaming service, bought Topspin Media, another innovative platform that helped artists sell merchandise and albums directly to fans. A year later, Apple bought Beats Music (along with Beats' electronic-gadget business), and then discontinued the streaming service when it launched Apple Music. MySpace, after its decline as a social network, lingered on as a place for artists and fans to meet; Time, Inc bought its parent company earlier this year.

Cherrytree Records Announces Distribution Deal With ADA | Billboard

Cherrytree Records and ADA announced a new worldwide partnership deal for distribution on Thursday (May 26). The record label division of the Cherrytree Music Company will now distribute entirely through the Warner Music Group independent distribution and services arm.

The first release under the new deal will be 14-year-old singer Skylar Stecker'sThis Is Me -The Signature Edition album, which is set for a June release on Cherrytree Records.

Justin Bieber Is Being Sued Over a Riff in His Song 'Sorry' - Fortune

Another artist is accusing the pop star of copyright infringement.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and the co-writers of his 2015 smash hit "Sorry" are being sued for allegedly stealing a vocal riff from another artist who said she used it on her own song a year earlier.

In a complaint made public on Thursday, Casey Dienel, an indie artist who performs under the name White Hinterland, accused Bieber of infringing her copyright to the song "Ring the Bell" by using a "virtually identical" riff without permission.

Among the other defendants are the producer Skrillex and Vivendi's Universal Music Group. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Nashville.

Moogfest: The Ultimate Music Festival for Nerds | Pitchfork

"The future of creativity lies in its birthplace, the human mind," says Dr. Martine Rothblatt from the stage of the Carolina Theatre in downtown Durham, North Carolina this past weekend. The 60-something lawyer, author, and creator of Sirius XM appears to be giving a spirited lecture to a packed house of attentive students, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, coders, and other curious and creative folks. But as she continues—invoking the ideas of Alan Turing and Arthur C. Clarke, Bernie Sanders' plight to make college free for all, and an inevitable transhumanist future—the crowd explodes into applause and shouts of agreement. It becomes clear what's actually happening: She's attempting to incite radical change.

Exclusive: YouTube Pop-Up Space Nurtures Nashville Songwriters : MusicRow – Nashville's Music Industry Publication – News, Songs From Music City

Reclining on couches in a spacious writing area at Black River Entertainment's multi-use facility in Nashville, songwriters Tenille Arts, Lena Stone, and Jessica Roadcap are writing and rewriting lyrics, testing melody combinations, and throwing out bridge ideas. Guitar cases and laptops cover tabletops and floors. The creators make equal use of guitars and smartphones.

"What do you think of cursing, of using the word 'damn'?" Stone asks her co-writers.

"What would CMT think of the word 'damn'?" Roadcap quips.

For now, they keep it in.

A large sign emblazoned with YouTube's logo hangs on the wall above. The video content giant's logo is carefully displayed on pillows and other items throughout the intricately decorated room.

Warner Music Nashville Chairman/CEO John Esposito on Making It in Nashville as an Outsider and Blake Shelton Being the Ultimate Team Player | Billboard

As the captain of Warner Music Nashville, John Esposito has sworn a loyalty oath to Music City, but a wall in his office devoted to black-and-gold football ­memorabilia makes it clear that Pittsburgh owns a big piece of his heart. "I grew up in western Pennsylvania at a time when mills were shutting down and the economy was in the shitter," says the self-described ­blue-collar kid, "and the [four-time Super Bowl champions] 1970s Steelers brought our spirits up and made us believe life could be OK."

The British pop talent crash: where have all the new acts gone? | The Guardian

Imagine a UK music chart with almost no UK acts in it. A Top 40 comprising North Americans, Scandinavians and, down at the bottom reaches, a British outlier or two. That is the gloomy prediction being made in some corners of the British music industry because of two problems: the difficulty of finding new artists capable of becoming global stars, coupled with the slog of pushing them into a chart dominated by streaming.

"At the moment, it's not great. [Potentially big new acts] aren't coming through," says one insider. Even recent international successes have failed to lift the market: take the 1975, who are doing pretty well. After their current album entered the charts at No 1 both here and in the US, it dropped swiftly, spending only three weeks in the UK Top 10. What's more, they have yet to produce the kind of inescapable hit singles that tip groups into worldwide stardom. Lee Thompson of industry website Record of the Day is even less optimistic: "Just see what happens with streaming [which has been included in sales calculations since 2014]. Our presence, our ability as a country to break through, will lose its importance."

Justin Bieber and Skrillex are getting sued over Sorry | The Verge

Indie musician Casey Dienel (aka White Hinterland) is suing Justin Bieber, Skrillex, and the team of co-writers behind Bieber's 2015 mega-hit "Sorry" over the song's resemblance to Dienel's "Ring the Bell," released in 2014 as part of her album Baby. TMZ reported on the lawsuit this afternoon, noting that Dienel's issue with "Sorry" is rooted in the "unique characteristics of the female vocal riff" that opens "Ring the Bell." (You can hear said vocal riff cycling through the first 10 seconds of "Ring the Bell," and a similar snippet of melody is repeated throughout "Sorry.")

The relative prominence of Dienel's music makes the lawsuit a little more interesting than similar suits levied by totally obscure musicians.

EDMbiz 2016 Announces Schedule and Full Programming| Billboard

EDMbiz Conference & Expo 2016 made its full scheduling and programming announcement today (May 26) for the annual industry event's fifth edition.

In addition to special keynotes by Armin Van Buuren, Bob Lefsetz, Moby and Pasquale Rotella, attendees will also be able to enjoy mentor roundtables, yoga sessions, and EDMBiz's first-ever hosted networking happy hour.

The Fifth Annual EDMbiz Conference & Expo 2015 will take place from June 14-16 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Registration is now open here.

Snapchat raised $1.8B in a Series F round; leaked deck reveals revenues, user numbers | TechCrunch

"The future of creativity lies in its birthplace, the human mind," says Dr. Martine Rothblatt from the stage of the Carolina Theatre in downtown Durham, North Carolina this past weekend. The 60-something lawyer, author, and creator of Sirius XM appears to be giving a spirited lecture to a packed house of attentive students, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, coders, and other curious and creative folks. But as she continues—invoking the ideas of Alan Turing and Arthur C. Clarke, Bernie Sanders' plight to make college free for all, and an inevitable transhumanist future—the crowd explodes into applause and shouts of agreement. It becomes clear what's actually happening: She's attempting to incite radical change.

Jawbone Is Trying to Sell Its Speaker Business - Fortune

The company will focus exclusively on health and wearables.

Fitness tracker maker Jawbone has put its speaker business up for sale, according to multiple sources.

The company has been pitching potential buyers for its Jambox wireless speaker business so it can focus exclusively on its health and wearables business. At the same time, Jawbone has been working with third-party distributors to liquidate its remaining speakers in retail outlets, one source said.

How Apple Music Exclusives, Like Chance The Rapper's, Are Impacting The Billboard Charts - Forbes

Apple AAPL -0.06% Music's gamble on Chance The Rapper has clearly paid off.

Coloring Book, the third mixtape from this increasingly popular Chicago-based hip-hop artist, came following months of fan anticipation and features a wide range of guest appearances by artists including Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West, among others. Exclusively available via Apple Music and notably not purchasable via iTunes, Coloring Book hit #8 on the Billboard 200 album chart, making it the first album to score a top 10 debut based entirely on streams–over 57 million of them.

The impact of this ostensibly free release via Apple Music also impacted the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, with "No Problem" and "Blessings" appearing at #86 and #93, respectively. According to Chart News, six additional tracks from Chance's project landed on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart as well, including the Young Thug and Lil Yachty collaboration "Mixtape."

Adding a YouTube integration, AmpMe raises $8 million for its app syncing phones into a single speaker system | TechCrunch

AmpMe, the Canadian app development company responsible for a syncing technology that links mobile devices into a networked speaker system, has raised $8 million in a new round of financing and is adding a YouTube integration to its service.

Led by the Toronto and Menlo Park, Calif.-based Relay Ventures, the new financing will kick out the jams on an increased hiring push and enable the company to pursue some new strategic partnerships.

A2IM Announces Libera Awards Lineup

The Libera Awards, presented by SoundExchange and hosted by Ted Leo, will feature multi-artist performances for the first time.

The 2016 A2IM Libera Awards, presented by SoundExchange and hosted by Ted Leo, will feature a multi-artist performance lineup for the first time. This year's lineup of Independent label artists is Mac DeMarco (Captured Tracks), Naughty By Nature (Tommy Boy), Nosaj Thing (Innovative Leisure), and Torres (Partisan). This year's performances reflect the strength and diversity of the Independent record label world and of the Libera Awards, which are becoming a force to be reckoned with among major music award ceremonies.

Music rebrands Universal Music Catalogue - Prolific North

Manchester's Music has completed a rebrand of Universal Music's catalogue and united the record labels within it for the first time.

The catalogue is probably one of the most important in the world, handling releases from acts like The Beatles, Nirvana, Kiss and Rolling Stones.

"Uniting the diversity of Universal's vast music catalogue with a brand identity was the perfect project for us. We have created a strong clear brand that speaks for all musical genres across the decades that can be connected with the many UMG brands such as Decca, Polydor and Virgin. We feel that the new UMC identity looks fresh and represents the new artists in the catalogue but is also a classic mark," explained Music, founder and executive creative director, David Simpson.

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