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Streaming and Reservation Prices - The Cynical Musician

Tax Season is mercifully coming to an end, heralding a lowering of work-related stress, so I think it’s time to celebrate with some new content, yes?

I’ve been mulling over a few streaming-related thoughts, given that this is still a hot topic – only looking to get hotter – and today I want to throw one of those out there for your reading pleasure.

Economics Time, y’all: today we will learn about the concept of the reservation price.

Like most basic economics, it’s a simple concept, though it can lead to complex results because real life is, frankly, rather messy. It boils down to this: every buyer has a personal maximum amount they are willing to pay for a given good. What amount that is, exactly, is anybody’s guess. Pretty much the only way to find out is to keep raising the price and see when they stop buying.

If Streaming Music Kills Digital Downloads, Apple Must Make a Huge Decision (AAPL) - Motley Fool

Steve Jobs argued that music fans would never subscribe for music.

However, the market may be singing a different tune and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) has a decision to make. U.S. digital album sales dropped 14.2% and digital track sales fell another 12.5% for the first quarter of 2014, according to Nielsen, following a 3.1% annual decline in 2013. This was the first time digital sales had declined on a yearly basis and even in the first quarter of 2013, downloads saw a nearly 4% gain before things went south. Unfortunately for Apple, this could signal a long-term trend change similar to what CDs experienced form 2007 to 2011, when sales began to decline over 18% a year. 

Criminal Records Shatters Record Store Day Sales Numbers « Music Biz Association

 Criminal Records in Atlanta, GA, shattered all prior sales records with their highest sales day in their twenty four year history, with an increase of over 34% over the prior year’s record breaking Record Store Day.

Customers waited patiently in line, in the rain, starting at 2:30 am the prior day, in anticipation of over 450 music releases created specifically for independent music stores for the special day. Georgia area bands, including The Whigs, Mood Rings, King of Prussia and Mood Rings entertained the crowd for the entire day, along with volunteers from The Grammy Foundation, King of Pops, Georgia Equality and radio stations WRAS and WREK. Criminal Records gave away over 1,000 t-shirts, tote bags, buttons and stickers to the gathered fans. Other Little Five Points businesses celebrated alongside, including Aurora Coffee who gave away 500 special collector’s mugs and free coffee to the Record Store Day customers, they also reported their largest sales day in their history.

Other Atlanta area record stores shared in the celebration with bands performing at Little Five Points neighbor Wax n Facts and Avondale Estates newcomers Sunbrimmer Records.

What is The PonoPlayer Doing for Music? Not Much. | NOISEY

Recently, the Pono Kickstarter campaign crossed the finish line with $6.23 million in contributions, blowing past its $800,000 goal to become the third most successful Kickstarter ever. It's time to stop laughing at Neil Young and his ridiculously-named, Toblerone bar-shaped portable music player and start taking it seriously.

So, Neil Young, in all seriousness: please stop. Your gadget is not just silly looking, but useless, redundant, and — worst of all — hurtful toward record stores, and up and coming musicians.

Let's put aside the problem of a famous and wealthy artist like Neil Young using Kickstarter in the first place. We all know he could have gotten his $800,000 from private investors, or his personal checking account, and that this was likely just a publicity stunt.

Songwriter for Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys Sings a New (Mobile) Tune | Re/code

Veteran songwriter and producer Eric Foster White left the music business a decade ago, after penning pop songs for Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and the Backstreet Boys.

Now, White is mining his music industry experiences in a second career act that seeks to entertain a young audience tuned to their mobile phones, not their local radio stations.

The 52-year-old entrepreneur has developed ShowMobile, a mobile entertainment app for storytelling across social media platforms. White showcases the power of the app with a made-for-mobile tween series, “HitStreak,” about a former Latin pop star (played by Univision star Chiqui Delgado) who manages the careers of four aspiring musicians.

MTV Video Music Awards Returning to California After Only 1 Year in NYC

he MTV Video Music Awards will return to California just one year after the network moved the show to New York City's Barclays Center, which marked the first time a major annual awards show made Brooklyn its host.

The 2014 VMAs will air live on Aug. 24 from inside the newly renovated Forum in Inglewood, Calif., MTV announced Wednesday morning. The venue has never hosted the VMAs, but since 1967 it has hosted performances from such acts as The Rolling Stones, Jackson 5, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Van Halen, Coldplay and Prince.

Irving Azoff’s Next Frontiers? Publishing and Blue-Chip Marketing | Billboard

Azoff MSG Entertainment's latest dealings in the marketing and publishing arenas say much about where the action is in the music business. On April 8, AMSGE, the joint venture between Azoff Music Management and the Madison Square Garden Co., announced its third acquisition since Irving Azoff and MSG partnered up last September. The group acquired a 50 percent stake in Burns Entertainment, a Chicago-based matchmaker of celebrities and advertisers that recently paired Romeo Santos and Macklemore with Dr Pepper and Azoff management client Chelsea Handler with 7-Up.

Fred Wilson: Was ‘Too Social’ |, whose launch was originally reported here, was an amazing, first-of-its-kind web app that nobody uses anymore, because it flamed out and people moved on. The problem with this group listening app, which let a handful of people choose music for everyone in the room, with everyone represented as cute little avatars in an actual room was that few users kept DJing away and racking up points, but the rest of us soon gave up — after just six to eight weeks, according to a new Business Insider interview with Fred Wilson, whose firm had invested in the company. was web-only during its quick rise, although the eventual iOS version was nice. People listened to it on a computer, which means they were doing something else, instead of the real-time up/down voting or DJing that made so fun. In less than two months, most of us went back to something that required less intervention.

Spies, Spooks, And Rock 'n' Roll At Twilight Of The Cold War

A pro-Kremlin lawmaker spawned a tsunami of scorn in Russia this week by alleging that Soviet rock star Viktor Tsoi's Perestroika-era anthems were composed by CIA operatives trying to destabilize the Soviet regime.

Friends, acquaintances, and fans of the late frontman of the legendary band, Kino, call the claims ridiculous. But the U.S. government was keenly aware of the power of rock ’n’ roll to rattle its Cold War rival, according to “Free to Rock,” a new documentary that explores the impact of rock music on Soviet society.

Facebook Q1 Earnings: What to Expect

Facebook has beat Wall Street estimates with each of its last three earnings reports. Will it manage to do the same this time around? The social network is scheduled to report its March quarter earnings after the market closes on Wednesday. The consensus among analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters is that Facebook will post earnings of $0.24 a share on revenue of $2.36 billion. That would be a significant increase from the same quarter a year ago when it reported revenue of

Distrokid Now Gets You To Even More Stores | Musformation

Distrokid is an affordable aggregation service that allows you to pay a yearly fee to keep your music online, as well as upload as music as you would like each year. This is ideal for anyone who wants to put out a lot of music each year and have it on all the most popular services. They allow you to keep 100% of your royalties and say they will get you in stores faster than the competition.

Music video hub Vevo monthly viewership up nearly 50 percent to 6 billion -

MIAMI (Reuters) - Vevo, the online music video hub that is a joint venture of two of the world's biggest music labels, has seen a nearly 50 percent increase in the number of music videos streamed each month from its platform, the company's top executive said on Tuesday.

The company, which is controlled by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, hit a monthly average of nearly 6 billion views in December, a 46 percent rise from a year earlier, said Rio Caraeff, the chief executive officer.

About 65 percent of the videos are being watched on mobile phones, according to the company.

Facebook Just Proved It’s the Future of Mobile Advertising | Business | WIRED

Facebook’s talent for online advertising is on the rise.

According to a quarterly “social intelligence report” from software giant Adobe, ad clicks climbed 70 percent in the year ending March 30 on the world’s most popular social network, even though the number of ads shown grew just 40 percent. In other words, Facebook has developed a certain knack for showing ads that people actually want to click on. Adobe estimates that Facebook’s ad click-through rate rose 160 percent over the 12-month period.

Empowering Events On Tap At Essence Festival | Pollstar

Essence Fest marks its 20th anniversary this year with a kicked-up effort to empower its core community.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Essence magazine editor in chief Vanessa Bush said reaching the milestone year was their chance to extend the conversations started two decades ago.

“We had to go big and we’ve upped the ante,” Bush said. “Essence is known for this festival not just because of the stellar music at night but also because of the conversations offered during the day.

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