Businesses rely on the Internet for a wide variety of reasons. However, regardless of the reasons a business uses the Internet, this resource is invaluable. One area where companies rely heavily on their Internet is managing a business related website. Whether that website is used to inform people about products and services they provide, it's an e-commerce website or perhaps a little of both, a smooth operating website is paramount.

While having a professionally designed website can certainly help a business on several different fronts, one of the most crucial aspects of a website is the type of hosting that is used. Hosting is what allows Internet users to access a website and unfortunately, not all hosting was created equal. In the past, there were basically three choices when it came to hosting. There was the affordable shared hosting, the expensive dedicated hosting option and virtual private server hosting (VPS), which is a combination of architecture used in shared and dedicated host at a mid range price. However, today another option called cloud hosting is an option.

Shared hosting, while limited in it's features, is affordable. Dedicated hosting is feature laden but cost prohibitive. VPS is often considered the middle ground. However, the problem is the services for these hosting options are fixed. Services like load balancing, data caching and analysis are all fixed. For example, if a website exceeded bandwidth on a shared server, the website would likley go down. However, while a dedicated server is less likley to go down due to high traffic, it could be more expensive than a business could afford.

Cloud hosting offers an alternative that is highly scalable, sometime on the fly. If data scales peak, more capacity can be added to accommodate these spikes. In addition, since adding or removing capacity and services to a cloud server is so effortless, the cost for such things are much lower than traditionally managed servers. This is not only easier for businesses, it's cheaper.

The fact remains that there are more aspects to cloud application for hosting than can be mentioned in this article. However, if you want to get the best and most suitable hosting services for the money your business has to spend, a quick call to Hurley Internet for more into on cloud based hosting is your best option.