Footwear websites are plentiful, so customers have several choices. Comparing pricing is not the only aspect to be considered. Customer service, availability of products, and convenience are also important components regarding the selection and purchase of footwear. Many sites are off-shoots of physical stores of the same name, and only offer what is offered on their physical store shelves. That is great, if there are no stores in the immediate area, but that does not give customers a wider variety of choices. If the footwear is the same, then the same limitations of the store apply to the website. A few extra sizes does not increase convenience or customer service to any major degree. is an example of a website done well. The choices include hundreds of styles from over a dozen top quality brand name designers and manufacturers. There are not just a few more Nike lines than can be found in the store, for example, there are all Nike lines. All styles of Michael Jordan sneakers and shoes, including CP39 basketball shoes, several versions of Air Jordans, Eclipse off-court shoes, Hydro 4 Slide Sandals, Flight Runners, and more. Nike Haurache, Air Max, and Roche Run lines are also available. Under Armour Stephen Curry shoes, PUMA, Converse, Timberland, Reebok, and other brands are available in sizes for men, women, boys, girls, toddlers, and infants.

Customers can order many items online and then pick them up at a store location. That saves on shipping costs, and provides the customer with the size needed and specific style and color desired. That is exceptional customer service. The Finish Line blog provides information on particular styles, gives the history of featured brands, and compares styles in terms of support, comfort, and flexibility. Sizing charts, gift guides, and sales make choosing items convenient for everyone.

Gift cards that can be sent to the customer, sent directly to the recipient, or E-mailed, increases convenience and saves people time. Lower pricing is a great reason to choose a website, especially for top quality footwear, but also take the time to compare availability, convenience, and customer service, before making a purchase.