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Start Potty Training: How To Potty Train A Toddler In Just 3 Days (Carol Cline Method)

Start Potty Training In 3 Days: Carol Cline Reveals How To Potty Train A Toddler Using A Time-Tested And Proven Method That Works On Even The Most Stubborn Child So You'll Never Have To Smell, See, Or Change Another Dirty Diaper Just 72 Short Hours From Now

Click here to visit the official Carol Cline Start Potty Training website to purchase and download the Potty Training In 3 Days PDF ebook, audio, and video potty training system (also fully compatible with Nook, Kindle, iPad, and other e-readers). Gain instant access to expert tips, insider techniques, and "weird" toilet training secrets on how to potty train a toddler and finally put an end to yucky messes caused by outdated trial and error methods with the help of  best-selling author, day care owner, mother of 4, and potty training expert, Carol Cline.

Many parents are experiencing quick results using Carol's Start Potty Training method. Marcie Litman from Chance, California says...

Writing you here to say that I'm on my 4th day and my child Alisha has gone nearly 24 hours now using the potty on her own and without telling me when she has to go. Who knew I would stumble across this site and have a fully potty trained child 3 days later! I have liked this page and told my friends to come watch your video.

Inside the Potty Training In 3 Days book, you'll learn...

  • Why jumping on the "pull up bandwagon" is a bad idea and can actually triple the amount of time it takes to potty train your child

  • The 6 crucial building blocks your toddler MUST go through if you want him or her to be fully potty trained in the shortest amount of time possible

  • Why Day 1 is the MOST important and how it can make your potty training efforts a roaring success or a complete failure

  • A secret night time potty training approach to eliminate midnight messes and keep your child (and bed sheets) dry all night long

  • How to stop your toddler from regressing once potty training is complete

Carol's step-by-step, easy to follow instructions inside the Potty Training In 3 Days download will help you completely eliminate all potty training frustration, pain, and embarrassment, give your child incredible satisfaction in using the toilet like a "big kid", and help you say goodbye to icky diapers and embarrassing accidents once and for all...Learn More


Lowest price and a 60-day money back guarantee available when the Start Potty Training In 3 Days book is purchased directly from Carol Cline through the official website.


What Will I Learn Inside Carol Cline's Start Potty Training In 3 Days Book?

Today I thought it would be helpful to give you a brief rundown of what’s included in Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training In 3 Days program.  You can also watch Carol's video here.

Personally, I’m a big fan of online programs because I like to have instant access to things.  I find it much more convenient when I can easily access the information I need at any time from my phone, iPad, or any other “smart” device I might have with me at the time.  However, I also know it can sometimes be difficult to tell exactly what you’re getting just by watching a video or reading the product’s website, since these occasionally turn out to be more hype than substance.

With that being said, Carol has really gone above and beyond to make her Start Potty Training In 3 Days course as robust and comprehensive as it can be.  While some busy moms might be intimidated by the 17 chapters and over 130 pages of content, the Potty Training In 3 Days guide is organized extremely well, so you can quickly skim through and find the information you need at any given time.

I do recommend reading through the entire course at least once before you start potty training your toddler and using Carol Cline’s 3 day method, but not all sections will apply to your exact situation.  For example, if your child doesn’t have Autism, Asperger’s, or Down’s Syndrome, then you can probably skip Chapter 12 which is all about potty training boys and girls with various diagnosed disorders. I personally find this information fascinating, and it’s something that gets left out of a lot of the other potty training guides I’ve seen.

A Brief Chapter By Chapter Start Potty Training In 3 Days Review

The Gist Of The Course

As you probably already know, the Start Potty Training In 3 Days book by Carol Cline teaches you how to potty train a toddler in just 3 days.  This doesn’t mean your toddler boy or girl will be completely potty trained in 3 days.  But what it does mean is that your toddler will be out of diapers in 3 days.  There will still be the occasional accident or “bad day” from time to time, and I think it’s important to understand that distinction.

Inside the guide, Carol says…

“Using this or other quick-training methods doesn’t mean that your child will be perfectly potty trained in three days. Instead, in three days your child will be using the potty rather than diapers. But there may still be accidents and you’ll need to follow-through with a consistent potty routine – helping your child become fully comfortable using the potty independently, teaching steps such as how to pull his pants down and back up, empty the potty, and wash his hands – until one day, sooner rather than later, he’s accident-free!”

Using Carol Cline’s 3 day method of potty training, you can speed up the process, cut your costs on expensive diapers, and save days, months, or even years of frustration so the potty training experience is rewarding and FUN for both you and your toddler.

Chapter By Chapter Breakdown

With 17 chapters to cover, giving you a “brief” review of each one might be a difficult task, but I’ll do my best.  I really want you to have a strong understanding of how the program can help you if you’re nervous about starting the potty training process or at wits end fighting with a stubborn child who just doesn’t want to be a “big boy or girl”.

Chapter 1: Background

Immediately following an “Introduction”, Chapter 1 of the Start Potty Training In 3 Days ebook provides information on things like the history of potty training, how potty training differs around the world, reasons to start potty training early, and the age at which most kids are potty trained.

In the United States, we tend to wait much longer to potty train kids than people do in other countries.  As Carol points out…

Worldwide, 50% of children are potty trained by 12 months of age, many by 6 months of age.  Most of the world’s children are potty trained by age 2.  In the U.S., most children are not potty trained until age 35 to 39 months of age.

Chapter 2: Too Young?Too Old?

Chapter 2 of the Start Potty Training In 3 Days manual is all about age.  Carol discusses some of the misconceptions and provides her own recommendations on the right age to start potty training a toddler.  This chapter was actually a big relief because age wasn’t as important as I thought it would be.  Don’t stress too much if you think you’ve missed the “optimal window” for potty training.

Chapter 3: How To Know The Right Time To Start

One question that comes up time and time again is, “When should I start potty training?  How will I know when it’s the right time?”  Chapter 3 tackles those questions and gives you 9 things to look for that signal your toddler is ready to start the potty training process.

Chapter 4: Preparing Yourself

Other potty training guides I’ve seen tell you how to prepare your child for potty training, but they don’t always tell you how to prepare yourself.  That ends up leading to a lot of extra frustration when things don’t go exactly as planned.

In Chapter 4 of the Start Potty Training In 3 Days book, Carol Cline gives you a lot of good advice on how to prepare before implementing her 3 day method.

Chapter 5: Preparing The Child

Now that you’ve prepared yourself, it’s time to prepare your toddler for potty training.  In Chapter 5, Carol discusses things like teaching your little one potty training words, familiarizing them with the bathroom, and making the diaper changing process tedious so they see going in the potty as the “easy option”.

Chapter 6: Potty-Training Calendar

Chapter 6 is about getting all of your ducks in a row and scheduling the 3 day window you’ll need to have success using Carol Cline’s potty training method.

Chapter 7: Equipment Arsenal

You can’t potty train without having a few “weapons” at your disposal.  In Chapter 7, Carol tells you everything you’ll need so you don’t find yourself in the middle of a potty training battle desperately needing to call in the reinforcements.

Chapter 8: Three-Day Toilet Training Method

This is the fun stuff!  Chapter 8 is where Carol lays out her 3 day method of potty training and gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do (and not do) during days 1, 2, and 3.  She also provides tips for night-time and nap time.

Throughout the 3 day process, you’ll need persistence, consistency, patience, positivity, and, most importantly, love.  After day 3, you’ll still want to take an active role in your child’s success.  Carol says…

Rejoice over every bit of progress. There may still be bits of accidents, or variations like being able to pee but not poo, or vice versa. Especially when you start going outside, like to the mall, to your parents’ house, to church. But just stay calm and consistent with your actions, whether they have gotten it or not, as the follow-up period is often the time when we parents let go of the vigilance we applied during the actual 3-Day toilet training.

At the end of this chapter, Carol also provides some insights from other moms and dads who have used her 3 day method.  I really enjoyed this part because it helps you know what to expect and lets you see how other parents overcame the obstacles they faced.  Potty training isn’t always easy, but it’s sooo worth it.

Chapter 9: Urination, Bowel Movements

In Chapter 9 of the Start Potty Training In 3 Days PDF, Carol talks about what you can do to ensure your child has healthy urination and bowel movements.

Chapter 10: How To Wipe Their Bums

This chapter is all about hygiene and how to teach your toddler to wipe, flush, and wash their hands.  Little ones often have a very difficult time reaching far enough back to wipe, so it’s important not to skip this step.

Chapter 11: Potty Training Differences In Boys, Girls, Older, Twins, And Multiple Children

Every child is unique and subtle differences in how you potty train your toddler can have a big impact on how quickly they “get it” and how quickly they respond to your method of teaching.

In Chapter 11 of Start Potty Training In 3 Days, Carol Cline reveals the differences between boys and girls and how to handle situations like twins or multiple children.  This is also the section of the book you’ll want to pay close attention to if your toddler is stubborn or combative and resists potty training.

Chapter 12: Potty Training For Children With Autism, Asperger’s, Down’s, And Other Diagnosed Disorders

If your toddler has special needs, then Carol designed this chapter just for you.  You’ll learn what to look out for, how to modify your approach, and what to do when you find yourself in situations like being in a public bathroom.

Although the potty training process might take a little longer, you shouldn’t give up or allow yourself to get flustered.  Like Carol says…

“It helps to remember that these disorders are just learning delays, so training may take a little longer. But at no time should it be stopped, or given up.We all need to keep growing, although at different paces.”

Chapter 13: Bumps In The Road

Of course, no potty training book would be complete without a section about possible roadblocks and complications you might encounter along the way.  In this chapter, Carol shows you how to handle things like accidents, a child that can pee but not poop, boys who won’t pee standing up, poop lapses, bed wetting, tantrums, and regression.

Chapter 14: In Case Of Health Problems

In Chapter 14, Carol discusses at what point you should see your doctor if your child continues to have problems with potty training.  These could indicate an underlying health issue.

Chapter 15: Out Into The World

It’s simply not realistic to lock yourself at home for several weeks until your child has completely mastered potty training, is totally confident going by themselves, and is accident free.  At some point, you’re going to leave the house and in this chapter of Start Potty Training In 3 Days, Carol Cline reveals how to handle continued potty training at places like the mall, playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, daycare, and even on an airplane.

Chapter 16: Follow-Up Support

In Chapter 16, Carol discusses the importance of being there for your child through thick and thin and continuing to offer support even after they are fully trained.  I think this sums it up pretty well…

Just because your child is trained doesn’t mean they are ready to fly solo. Our toddlers are intelligent but they are not mature. If we left potty trips up to them, they would find that they might suddenly prefer having an accident if they are having fun, like what they are playing, sleep more, enjoying their favorite TV show.

The setbacks brought on by neglect of follow-through support can drag on much longer than the setbacks brought by stress events. You need to remind your child about using the potty if you notice they are holding poop or wee, and not going immediately the moment they feel they need to. Initiate trips to the bathroom until they can make proper judgment calls on their own.  Be a constant but considerate reminder to your child until this new habit is established.

Chapter 17: Conclusion: Potty Training And Good Health

Carol Cline finishes off her Start Potty Training In 3 Days book with tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy toilet habit.

Where To Learn More And How To Get Carol Cline's Potty Training Program

I hope that helps give you some good background information on Carol’s potty training program.  If you want to learn more, please continue reading more posts on this page or…

Click Here To Visit The Official Website And Watch Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training In 3 Days Video Presentation

Buy And Download Carol Cline's Start Potty Training In 3 Days Digital Version (Instant Online Access)

Start Potty Training In 3 Days by Carol Cline is a digital product and can be downloaded instantly after purchase in PDF (ebook) format or viewed online via the private members area.  The complete system includes a private members area with an interactive community, video training, PDF guides, and MP3 audio downloads.

The Start Potty Training In 3 Days program is compatible with desktop and laptop computers, iPhones, iPads, and virtually any tablet, smart phone, or other device that has PDF viewing capabilities (this means pretty much ALL of them!)

How To Potty Train A Toddler: An Interview With Carol Cline

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Q&A With Carol Cline From Start Potty

Today I have a short interview for you with world renowned potty training expert, Carol Cline. She is an excellent resource if you want to learn how to potty train a toddler in just a few short days.  In the interview Carol discusses amongst other things...

  • The difference between potty training boys and potty training girls
  • Potty training a toddler in 8 hours and 40 minutes
  • PPC: the 3 keys that make potty training work

To date she has helped thousands upon thousands of parents (the last count I saw was over 200,000) and here was some of the advice she had to share with me today.

Me: Hi Carol, thanks for taking the time with me here today.

Glad to make the time! Hope I can help answer all your hard hitting potty training questions and help some parents along the way.

Me: So, let me come right out and ask! Did you ever think that one day you’d be the world authority on all things potty training?

I wish I could tell you that I knew this was my calling the second I sat on my very first potty, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually went to school for business and owning my own daycare was always the life long goal for me.

Me: Thats fantastic! So this interview will be going out to lots of parents who are right now just about to start potty training. What one word would you use to describe the entire potty training process?

Well let me break the rules and sum it up in two; “Buckle Down”

Me: Oh boy! I’m sure parents love hearing that lol. Can you tell me exactly what you mean by “buckle down”?

Well i’m sure some parents would expect me to say “Run for your life” while secretly hoping I’d say “Don’t worry about it, its easy!”. The truth is that potty training is different for every child and it will be just as challenging as it is rewarding when all is said and done.

Me: So what would you say a parents very first step should be going into potty training if they want fast results?

The first thing I always tell parents is to remember P.P.C! That stands for always being “Positive, Persistent and Consistent”. They are the three pillars that make potty training stand, remove one and the entire thing falls to the ground.

Me: I know for a fact with my own child, being positive all the way through was a big part of it.

Children can sense if you’re truly happy or not. Simply put – If you’re not happy training them, they wont be happy learning from you.

Me: There is an age old debate on the topic of potty training when it comes to boys verses girls. Is it a fact that girls are easier to train than boys?

Now this is a question I honestly get asked a lot and the truth might just surprise you. Boys and girls are exactly the same to potty train! This myth started due to the basic fact that typically in the past, women would be the ones responsible for potty train the child.

Typically women feel more comfortable potty training their daughters simply because they can relate better to them. In reality, you potty train a boy the exact same way you would a girl – There is no difference.

Me: Now you literally “wrote the book” on how to potty train. If parents pick up your guide can they really have a diaper free child in three days?

Now let me say that if your child is 16 months you cant honestly expect more like a few weeks. But nearly every parent with a child around the age of two (give or take a month or two) who shows signs that they are ready… CAN in fact be trained in just three days… Sometimes even less!

Me: What is the shortest time someone has ever potty trained their child using the methods in your guide?

I once had a women read my guide at 7 AM and emailed me that day at 3:40PM telling me their child has gone to the potty all day long on his own! So eight hours and forty minutes to answer your question exactly! lol

Me: An email like that must have felt nice?

As crazy as it sound. Helping parents potty train their children has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Me: So if parents want to experience potty training their child in three days, where can find out more about your method?

They can visit my website! It’s the only place they will find out exactly how I came up with my personal method and get their hands on a copy for themselves. (Click Here To Visit Carol Cline’s Site)

Me: Well, thank you very much for your time with me here today Carol.

Any time!

You can find out loads more about Carol Cline and how she stumbled across her proven methods for potty training in three days by clicking here!

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