When you are overweight you will feel very lazy and unhealthy. Many people don't make the decision to lose weight until they are already overweight as well, which makes the journey that much more difficult. You need to watch yourself, if you are starting to feel lazy and like you have no motivation because you are eating too much then you must get it under control right away. What you need to do is watch your calorie intake and how much calories you burn each day. Counting calories is the basic way to lose weight, and is actually the best too. If you are burning more calories than you intake each day there is no way your body will retain that extra weight.

You can use methods like this if you have been wondering how to lose 20 pounds in a month. Some people want to achieve this goal but think it is unreasonable, however, that is not true at all. A person with enough dedication and who watches their calories on every single bite of food for a month can easily lose 20 pounds. By using this method it is even possible to learn how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. You might be thinking that it sounds unhealthy to lose so much weight so quickly, but that is not true either. Having excess weight on your body is not good for your health, body fat contributes to visceral fat- which is the fatty tissues around your organs. When the visceral fat starts to affect your organ function you will need to lose weight very soon or face some serious health problems.

Weight loss supplements and diet pills are all good if you are already on your way to success. Don't start from the bottom on a dietary pill because that will make you feel horrible. Some of these weight loss medications contain hormones that your body needs, but if the balance is not right already it will make you feel even worse. Try losing some weight by counting calories before you switch to using dietary supplements. Your body will function much better if you take things slowly and gradually instead of rushing into them.