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How To Get Rid Of Warts Forever!

Get rid of warts


      Can God Get Rid of Your Warts.

How to  get rid of warts is the questions you need answered. Many people are not like you. Why?  Because you are willing to change something that can change.  I never liked my body composition and you never liked the warts.  Warts are never pretty especially if your medical parts were to make rid of warts.

It can be difficult if you are a woman and cant get rid of this virus.  It can be difficult to have this virus.

Harvard University Medical Care.  Make rid of the warts and become new.  The emotional toll of hiding it from your partners makes you hate the warts even more.  Warts do go away and it is possible to get rid of warts.  It would be better if the warts where in a hidden place but it is in plain site for all to see these warts.


Some people burn their wart, freeze the wart and some you laser remove treatment but this can be expensive.  These are for all the money makers.   The nail file that you use to file your warts must be washed so you wont spread the virus.  Ask your Doctor how fix the wart problem.

If you start to see signs of irritation or infection such as pus, red streaking  or even if you start to have fever please call the doctor right away.

 If the wart is not coming off by your own will and you have tried with all your effort then please call a doctor right away. 

You might want to soak your warts for 30 minutes before applying medicine on the disturbed area.  

You want to do it the right way and make sure the wart does not go away.  We should want to stop the wart and not have it come back while having a clean and clear skin. Eat right and do the right thing. Pray to God and he will hear you and have faith in Christ because he is able to heal you.  Look he can do this because he is willing and we should we should not doubt because we will get nothing from the Father.

Warts will disappear overtime naturally. Warts can spread through Contact.  Children are more likely to have warts that adults.  Warts most likely grown where skin has been broken.  Warts sometime can be identified as Cauliflower appearance. How doe the immune system plays a role in the development of warts.  This blog is really here to inform and to help with the battle of these warts because we all have them and we all do not like the warts.

Sometime I wish I had more help in times of need.  God will see you through this and if he can heal a leper which is no way of comparison of warts and should not be on the same table. But the case and point is this if you pray to God to take away these wart he will do it.  I am here to help you and I need you to help me.  

These warts are here for you to overcome and it was not like this in the garden and if it was warts was nothing to be ashamed about but we are not in that world anymore.  How to stop warts? well you can you need to be carful and eat right.

 Warts are in no match to God.  Trust me,


 photo warts1.gif


How I was homeless and lost 70 pounds with no job, no money, no phone and no family but God put me through and he will do the same for you to get rid of this problem.

God and Warts

I know a little about pain and feeling embarassed about certain things and I understand that at time our health condition may become our identity.  This is not true but a lie.  We are more than condition and for those who say otherwise is just a hater.  We are more than the body.  Medical experts do not know about life, they may go to school for years but God has made years and he understands life.  Skintags and moles are what we carry in this life but with faith it can be removed.  

We live a different life than these people and they dont understand us.  Skin has always been a problem around the world.  The most prized possesions in the eyes of people is the body.  Why?  Because we live and breath in this thing.  We all will one day have to put off this tent.  

I am just going on and on about our life but I really believe we should examine with deep thought.  Can God really heal the probem with our skin like skintags.    If so why dont we ask him.  It is because some of us do not know him and those who do know him feel unworth to speak to him.  If it is faith that pleases him then why dont we start something.  

Look I know he could get rid of disease because his son did it while he was here on the earth and yet he is on the earth through.  Ask the Father if he could heal your skin and make it smooth as a babies bottom.  The Father care for you and he wants to you to cast all your burdens on you.  

What if I ask the Father to change my skin and it does not happen, those who want it will get it.  He can see what you are going through and he is not blind to the fact that you are here together with him.  Some are maybe reading this and asking if this is a christian preacher or a medical doctor but the truth is that God is my Father and I know and understand him and that he works loving kindness and does justice.  He is a loving Father and he is great.  I will not be speaking to long because I do not want to bother you but if you have a chance visit my other site called PowerStarVoice.Com.  

So remeber that the skin conditioned can be healed and it will be healed brother just have faith and do not doubt and it will be given unto you.  Think on things that are pure and great and not on the things you can see becuase the physical world was built throught the spiritual realm. Wart Free.

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