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Acne and Diet

Low levels of Vitamin C, E, carotenoids and zinc can contribute to the occurrence of acne. These elements help to combat free radicals (which are broken skin elasticity), produce collagen and helps repair skin lesions. The trap lies in the fact that you have to hire these items from unprocessed foods that can benefit us.

There is evidence that reveals a muddled relationship between processed foods and acne. Eating a large meal from processed foods produced much insulin. Too much insulin means more growth of tissue and androgen production, contributing to the development of acne.

Foods that have been highly processed such as ready meals often contain ingredients that promote oxidative stress and inflammation. Oxidative stress and inflammation almost always contribute to chronic disease.

While there are many correlations between consumption of dairy products and acne since 1800, some data do not suggest any connection between them.
Milk provides a set of growth factors, hormones and components adapted to the newborn. Once the development and young can feed only the milk consumption is stopped (but not to humans).
Dairy products have high insulin responsiveness, increase the level of hormones in the body and alter the inflammation leading to unwanted acne outbreaks.

How to save your nail fungus, who wants to eat them

Recent studies have found that nail fungus most often infected in the family. Passing the "inherited" from the older to the younger onychomycosis cure natural members of the family, the fungus settles in nails, and often stay there - for years to come.

Take the test and set the probability of nail fungus at

Our program is the treatment of fungal nail diseases.
What if the fungus has penetrated into your family?

First of all, we must realize that nail fungus will not pass on their own. The nail it develops gradually "cedaet" the whole thing. If he got into one nail, then it will spread to all the nails of hands and feet, can go to the skin. On skin flakes have fallen sooner or later, and the other person gets infected. If the fungus gets up and nails him, the "smoke" of his family will be even harder.

Fungal nail disease difficult to treat, especially in the later stages, when the past several years after infection and struck nails big toes. Therefore, it is crucial to find a nail fungus and start treatment.

Acne no more treatment

Acne from Mike Walden is a skin disease that usually occurs in adolescence but there are many cases that continues into adulthood. The symptoms are known pimples.
The physician should discuss with the patient the causes of and stress the likelihood of treatment successIt is good to administer brochures for patient information.
In mild acne requires only topical treatment. In moderate and severe acne requires both local and oral treatment oral treatment should be administered for at least six months while local treatment can last as long as the disease.

General measures
Consists EFPALIOU Purification by specific synthetic skin cleansers (without soap) and water. It is not necessary to use bacteriostatic antiseptic cleansing. The cosmetics used during treatment and later be designated by the dermatologist.

Most teenagers have occasional breakouts, the main culprit hormonal changes during puberty, especially the increase of testosterone. However, some adolescents and adults exhibit more sharp edges might need medication.

It is not clear the reason why some teenagers tend to have more severe acne. The findings by a survey of 1,000 high school students indicate that possibly responsible family history.

The researchers found that 14% of students had moderate to severe acne, the appearance can vary widely depending on the family history. Adolescents whose parents or siblings ever had moderate to severe acne, 20% had the same problem.

Prohibited crushing, pressure, scraping the lesions of acne.
For the same reason contraindicated and "facial cleansing". Prohibited facial sauna, use scrubs (creams grain) and strong mechanical abrasion (hard sponges and brushes).

The diet is considered not play a special role in acne. It would be a dermatologist doctor to provide relevant psychological support to the patient.

Drugs currently used to treat acne.
Topical treatment
Topical therapy involves the whole surface of the face and the ridge and not only individual lesions. The most commonly administered drugs for the topical treatment of acne are:

Benzoyl peroxide (concentrations of 5% and 10%)
Tretinoin 0.05%
Topical Antibiotics: Klintamokini, Erythromokini.

Other topically administered drugs are:

Azelaic acid

Systemic treatment

Tetracyclines: They are the drug of choice (Tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline).


Acetate koproteroli
Acetate koproteroli + Estrogen

IsogretinoIni: Drug of choice for all the severe acne, for all the failures of previous oral therapies. For patients with scars, acne and if it is not preceded by another oral treatment.

And for patients with intense psychological problems because of deformity sometimes causes the disease.

In girls, the problem was more likely to appear just before menstruation. Moreover, there was evidence of a higher risk among adolescents who consumed often fat and sugar-containing foods.

Most studies in the past have suggested that certain foods play little or no role in the appearance of acne no more review.

All things in life to have guaranteed success want good planning. So the company "accelerate metabolism"! You need an daitologio to calculate your needs while giving you suggestions for meals, snacks and drinks for each hour of the day. Only then will you know that you do something wrong while being able to steadily lose 1-2 pounds per week (depending on the weight loss margin).

1. Daily consumption of 2-3 servings of half-fat milk: Recent scientific studies show that daily intake of 3 portions half-fat milk, will give your body the required amount of calcium for regulating metabolism and burning fat. In a study conducted at the University of Tennessee found that obese adults who ate three servings of half-fat yogurt daily in combination with a balanced diet lost 22% more weight, 61% more body fat and 81% more stomach fat than those who ate yogurt .

2. Put cinnamon candy and drinks: Consuming a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon can increase metabolism, making fat cells more responsive to insulin. Sprinkle fruit or yogurt, coffee or milk with cinnamon.

3. Follow Facilities frequency: Small and frequent meals is the secret to a correct diet. The reasons are:
- Uptake of all necessary nutrients in fixed time intervals.
- Continuous activation of metabolism and decreased fat storage.
- Stabilisation of insulin and glucose levels
- Control of hunger and satiety.

Magic natural formulas to drive away acne

But what acne that has already made its appearance in your face? See 8 natural recipes that will help you troubleshoot such problems.

Make a mask of honey and oatmeal. Rub gently on your face and let it work its magic for 10 minutes.

Mix baking soda and water to make a cream. Apply directly on each point, not your entire face. Allow to dry - about 10 minutes; and rinse with cold water.

Even for the difficult case of acne, there are natural ways to deal with and do not be surprised if it proved more effective than the alternative of pharmacy. In any case there is no harm to try as long as you consult your doctor first and who is watching you.

Acne plagues many teenagers and beyond, and further afflict the very powerful drugs, getting those who have acne, to treat this unpleasant situation.

Even for the difficult case of acne, there are natural ways to deal with and do not be surprised if it proved more effective than the alternative of pharmacy. In any case there is no harm to try as long as you consult your doctor first and who is watching you.

One of the most popular and effective ways of dealing with natural acne is a combination of lemon with honey.

The frozen water works wonders in treating acne, as long as you wrap the ice in a plastic and keep it in your face specific points for a few minutes and ice will be able to close the open pores and prevent bacteria to invade your skin. The ice water even helps to limit the redness and swollen from the edge, face.

Facial masks from natural clay deeply cleanse the skin and remove toxins, as does about and steam. The cool feel of clay on the face and laxative qualities make him one of the best options for addressing acne mask, and beyond.

The inflammatory aspect of acne can be treated effectively with the help of vitamins C, K, A, found in tomatoes. Cut the tomato into thin slices and place them on your face. The acidic nature of the tomatoes will dry out pimples and significantly improve the image of your face.

Cucumber contains ascorbic acid which is highly effective in skin problems and swellings, while high water content, is suitable for moisturizing the skin.

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