How Pricing Works

RebelMouse Site Network

For as little as $5K per month, savvy media companies can build a new digital property, or replace their unsecure and outdated WordPress sites with RebelMouse. Though we need to look at what you have, we can typically set up your site within a matter of days, and migrate your existing content to our platform with ease. We also offer a monthly revenue-sharing agreements based on your incremental revenue growth on our platform.

Contagious Media Agency

Our work as a contagious media agency starts at a six-figure price tag, and we do these with a small group of perfect matches. No matter how good our platform is, boring stories won't move the needle. We provide access to our platform, as well as providing strategy to our clients through contagious media brainstorms, and look for opportunities to have a massive impact on traffic growth & monetization. If you have a big problem you know your agencies can't solve, talk to us.

We are flexible in the way we work with companies. Request a Demo, and we will find the right deal structure for you.

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