High Barnet is located in the London Borough of Barnet 10 miles from Charing Cross. The population is 15,600 residents the majority of which are in the 30 to 40 age group. The Tube and the Rail serve the town. The latest census confirms High Barnet to be a large and growing community. The town has an ambulance service which is a unique feature for a town this size. High Street has many fine shops with some exquisite brands.

The Bairstow Eves branch in high barnet has 38 properties listed with the lowest priced property being a 1 bedroom flat listed for £129,500. The price for a 3 bedroom detached house is £600,000. The high end has a beautiful 5 bedroom detached house listed for £1,295,000.

Collier-Row is in north east London in the Borough of Havering. It is a suburban development north of Romford and 14 miles northeast of Charing Cross. The population is unknown, but it is unlikely to exceed 12,00 citizens. There is very little shopping, and public transportation is limited to bus service.

The Bairstow Eves branch in collier row has 98 properties for sale and they range from £270,000 for a three bedroom detached house to £700,000 for a 4 bedroom detached house. There are many properties priced in between and some have been refurbished.

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