Norwich is a town of 396,000 people, with many of the residents being students at the University. The highly ranked University of Norwich is large and relatively new as compared to other UK universities. It has a student enrollment of 15,000 and many students live in rented apartments away from the University. Norwich is located close to the North Sea and two hours from the many homes for sale in cambridge.

Norwich is about two hours from London by train, but good coach service is also available from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead airports. Amsterdam also serves as an international airport for Norwich. Norwich has excellent Uk and inter-continent transportation services.

Abbotts, the largest housing agent in Norwich and part of of the Countrywide Group, offers 1,300 offices throughout most of the UK. With 148 properties available in the Norwich office, many are homes for sale in norwich centre. Currently, the highest priced home in Norwich town centre is a 2-bedroom townhome selling for £450,000. A 4-bedroom detached home is on the market currently for £265,000. Naturally, there are a few homes at prices in-between.

The value of property in the city centre is, of course, higher overall than the property is in areas distant from the city centre. However, the price also depends on the size and condition of the property since many homes are available. Norwich has some lovely properties available priced less than other areas of the UK. All of Abbotts employees are experts in the property markets of East of England, and they are highly trained to serve you.

The seller must price their home to compete with other similar properties. Abbotts can be a great help here. They are well versed in market rates and know how to help consumers from overpricing their homes and likewise from underpricing them just to get a bite from a buyer. Rely on their experience to set the price where it should be in a competitive market.

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