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Hitachi Magic Wand - Plugin Power!

Look at that Flex!


by Tina O'

Warning:Unfortunately the success of this vibrator has led to many cheap counterfeit copies (knock-offs) hitting the market. You must be careful when buying to make sure you are getting a genuine Hitachi Magic Wand, and not one that will overheat, break, and be a safety hazard. For more info on this issue click this link:


The Cadillac of Vibrators

This baby is known as the “Cadillac of Vibrators” because of it’s strength, durability and beauty.  Unlike novelty battery-powered vibrators, this plug-in has the power to bring woman to orgasm quickly, and is an absolute requirement for women who are older or have difficulty achieving orgasm - or have never orgasmed at all. It also works for men and is great to use with a partner.

One funny thing about this massager is that it has become famous as a sex toy even though it was originally (and continues to be marketed) as a body massager. You know, to soothe those aching muscles of your back, arms legs, neck and other non-sexual areas (if there are any). Both relaxing muscles, and becoming sexually aroused, are achieved in the same way: increasing blood circulation to those tissues with vibration. So putting it aside as a sex toy for now, it really is a great massager in its own right. The strong vibrations penetrate and relax muscles and there are tons of people who use it for just that purpose. I like to use it on my husband's lower back and my shoulder which I strained playing tennis. Even if you buy it as a personal massager (a nice way of saying sex toy!) you should give it a shot as a muscle relaxer - it works great! 

How To Use it for Sex  (At Least at First)

Sex therapists recommend that the magic wand be used to lightly to stimulate the clitoris. WARNING:  If you push too hard you will make the whole area go numb or itchy. Light touch. Remember that. Light touch. If you are using it with a partner, tell them - LIGHT TOUCH! Slipping a sock over the end to add a layer of cushion is a great idea. Start slow, especially if you’ve got all day.

If you are using it to soothe your tired muscles, it's pretty obvious what to do! Move it around until you feel better. If you use it too long on one area you may go numb or itchy so keep moving it around.

Is it Powerful?

The great thing about this vibrator is that it has a lot more power and endurance than a battery operated massager. It won't give out at the wrong time (like when it is close to achieving the desired results!)

High Quality Material

It is nice smooth shiny plastic with a terrific feel. The massager head is high-quality vinyl with a soft textured surface. Safe to apply lube as it won't degrade the material and very easy to clean.

Easy to Clean

Soap and water is all it takes.

No Batteries to Buy

When you want to use a vibrator, you want to use it NOW! What good is it if it sits in your drawer with dead batteries? And what's even worse - what if the batteries start to run out when you're using it? It comes with a 6 foot cord which is fine for most people. It never goes dead, so you can use it whenever and for as long as you want. That makes for a better experience in my book.

This thing is big and powerful, so I also have a mini massager that I carry in my purse. It's a great idea to get both - one for home and one for away. If you want a cordless vibrator that you can use in the bath, check out my review of the highly recommended Lelo Ina 2 vibrator or the Lelo Smart Wand Vibrators.

How loud is it?

I was wondering how loud this thing was before I bought it. I have kids who sleep a few rooms away and what if you have roommates? I'm going to post a video later so you can hear it for yourself. Some people have said it is like a small appliance. Not really, It is hardly any louder than a battery powered vibrator and it is high in tone so the sound will not travel easily through walls. I wouldn't worry about the loudness when considering this massager.

Can Be Used to Relax Sore Muscles

Of course! When you aren't using it as a sex toy, use it for what it was originally intended for. The nice thing is, people who see it will just assume it is for use on your muscles, not for sex! You can't say that about those penis-shaped vibrators.

Attachments Attachments Attachments!

I am going to make some posts on attachments (updated! Click here to see the post Top 10 Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments)  and accessories. There are attachments for both men and women and it's a great idea to buy some when you get this massager. Why wait? This thing has been around for almost 40 years and there are lots of 3rd party attachments..

Great Solo or with a Partner!

It is not just a masturbation device. It is great to use on a partner and adds another level of excitement. Just make sure your partner doesn't apply too much pressure to the clitoris, or you will go numb. Gentle is the key. Experiment and have fun!


More Pics of My Magic Wand! 

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