It can get really difficult for you to clean and organize your home especially if you have limited time or if you suffer from a medical condition that cannot allow you to do strenuous activities. So whether you are single or a family, a housekeeper can be of great use in cleaning and organizing your home for you so that it can look presentable. Below are basics for hiring a professional housekeeper Palm Beach.


You need to find a housekeeper with a good reputation. This is important if you want to get the best possible house cleaning services. A professional can only have a good reputation if they are experienced and qualified in offering the services. This can be known through the solid references that the housekeeper provides.

Services offered

Always inquire about the services that a housekeeper offers to ensure that you are hiring a housekeeper that can meet your specific demands, needs, and preferences.

Cost of services

This is another factor to keep in mind when hiring the services of a housekeeper. Most housekeepers charge in the range of 10-30 dollars per hour. Ensure that you negotiate a fee that is affordable to you as well as one that will represent the quality of work that is done.

Availability and accessibility

It is important to determine the availability of the housekeeper you plan to hire. Make sure that your schedules blend so that you do not inconvenience each other. You could also sign a contract to guarantee regular cleaning and therefore the housekeeper should be one that is readily available and easily accessible.

Employed by professional company

A housekeeper that works for a professional cleaning company or one that is recommended by an agency is more likely to provide you with quality services and techniques than one who is self-employed. Most professional companies and agencies take their employees through rigorous training so that they can get the requisite experience.


It is very important that you hire a housekeeper that has an insurance cover. This will protect you against any liabilities in case of an on-the-job incident or accident. It will also protect you from any theft issues that may arise.

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