Boilers are already considered by many to be the superior choice for heating a home. They provide a non-drafty method of heat that is much more consistent than what is offered through hot air systems. They are also a more sensible choice for those who have allergy issues because they do not spread dust and other allergens through the air all winter the way a hot-air furnace does.

Where they have been lacking in the past was with their operating costs. Although they typically made a home more comfortable, homeowners in northern New England states have to consider cost as well because of the length of the average heating season.

This is finally no longer a concern because of the introduction of modern High Efficiency Boilers NH ME homeowners will love. These units make the choice between hot air and hot water easy to make. They offer the comfort of the older boiler systems but are so much more affordable to operate they are a cost-effective replacement solution for even homes with furnaces.

With a High Efficiency Heater home owners will not only be more comfortable, have better air quality and save money, they will also be able to know they are providing a cleaner environment for their neighbors and their children. These amazingly efficient systems run at a 99 percent efficiency, so only a very small amount of heat is wasted. With less waste, less fuel will be used, making the system a sensible option.

If you are thinking about upgrading to a more efficient system, contact Aucella Heat and AC. They can review your current system, give you an estimate for installation and help you to discover how much these systems could help you to save over the average winter. If you decide this is the right choice for you, they install the systems and provide a full line of maintenance services to keep them running perfectly for years. They even offer affordable maintenance agreements to make this easier and more affordable for their customers.

These High Efficiency Boilers NH ME homeowners are purchasing are often eligible for rebates and tax credits because of their efficiency ratings. Aucella can provide their customers with all of the information they will need to get these savings back on their purchases. Contact them today to learn more about the products, the savings they offer and how much more comfortable their heating solutions can make your home.