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Physical and Mental Health. Correlations and affinities ...

For two centuries written and said many and various to close mental and physical health interaction However scientific findings that demonstrate the interaction of emotions, personality and physical health are just some decades.

Hardly anyone would disagree with the position that psychological factors play a catalytic role in many bodily ailments. For example there are cases of people who after a strong trauma have selective amnesia or selective blindness. In these cases, doctors can not diagnose any organic cause of the symptoms of dementia and blindness.

People who have anxiety disorder or depression episodes often have physical ailments. About half of these symptoms are associated with psychological factors. More and more research shows significant weighted effect of 'toxic' (negative) emotions on physical health.

Anger is associated with heart disease and coronary heart disease. Many researchers found interaction with other diseases, such as arthritis and asthma. People with affective disorders such as depression, very often physical diseases and vice versa ie. Organic diseases and disorders occur most frequently in depressed patients. The hen did the egg or the chicken egg? Crawling people into depression because physically sick or get sick physically, because they are depressed? This has demonstrated reliable than the so far surveys.

The anxious people seem to experience more health problems than less anxious people. The hypochondria "motivated" primarily by fears / anxieties, depressive feelings (sadness, unhappiness, loneliness) and / or aggressive feelings (anger, rage, hatred).

We want to come up? With proper intervention can change a lot in the above factors. Whoever resists psychotherapeutic help let himself be tormented meaningless. We as a community psychologists - psychotherapists believe such a finding particularly sad.

What diet to follow when I exercise?

What to eat before and after the gym so do not go lost your sweat? Feeding on the before and after exercise is a huge issue in most of us raises questions such as: a. Must I have an empty stomach when I exercise? B. It is wrong to eat immediately after the gym? C. Do the results are better if I stay fasting? But in these questions, you can answer and your own, if you just think and ask yourself and answer the following questions: a. Can a 'machine' to give no "fuel"? B. The "building" the muscles can be obtained if the diet that follow is poor in vitamins and proteins; C. Junk food helps to maximize results?

And since then we have come ALL the same answers we admit that the diet for Mrs. exercise sports in general is a huge issue. For the purposes of this article, however, we will focus on what to eat before, during and after exercise - which actually contributes to the difference in performance and the "restoration" you. The features we are focused on:

1. Before Exercise If your nutrition is poor before your workout, then you are more than just a given that you will soon feel tired and lethargic thus not ofeliste the most out of your effort. Whether you swim in the pool or choose instruments or a yoga class, the reality is: Correct "fueling"!

2. During the exercise Your energy needs during exercise depend on the length of your workout. The primary notion but you must relate to the hydration. Apart from water, there are various other liquids can give the required hydration appropriate (exercise over an hour, intensive etc.)

Supplements: The "weapon" for the health of the human body

Add to your quiver to live well and anticipate their "treacherous enemies' created by modern lifestyle
2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of the term "vitamins". The term coined by biochemist Casimir Funk in 1912 and one hundred (+) years later, the vitamins are the most studied substances we know, while science takes care constantly inform their numerous beneficial properties.

This is something "magic pills" containing a set of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements needed by the body to function properly and balanced and complementary to the diet that may be desired. The constituent substances found in various foods or plants, although their role is not to replace foods can act complementary and donate the balance we need.

Ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system involved in many metabolic processes and working with metals, giving health, wellness and beauty in the human body. The studies, not that elevate these nutrients from dietary supplements to substances that assist in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases, such as stress, heart disease, intestinal problems, dry skin and premature aging of the skin, increasing more and more.Sleep disorder

Sleep disorder

Modern living with the numerous obligations borne by the body daily, causing significant problems even at completely normal biological processes. For example, sleep is not a luxury, but an imperative. Unfortunately, not all of us such an easy task, as sleep disturbance and insomnia tend to become one of the major problems of modern man.

Surveys have shown that 29% of adults sleep less than six hours a day, while 62% have troubled sleep, thereby causing difficulty in concentration and work, poor memory and more.

Build muscle by Express program

The following training plan consists of a combination of movement and pause. The secret is to stop the momentum of traffic on main potential sites of each exercise.

Staying motionless in the dynamic points each exercise I exercise most many muscle fibers. The reason is that they increase the degree of difficulty of each iteration. Your benefits: Rushing strengthening weak muscles and create volume.

Your health plan

Perform pushups and leg projections without rest. After doing both exercises with rest 60 seconds and repeat the process. Then put rowing in an inclined bench with dumbbells and lunge with large opening leg. Do this three times a week program.

Super Set

Bends with pause

Take place bends. Shake your body and approached the chest close to the floor. On the way through just stay still for 2 seconds before continuing. Five centimeters before you reach the floor, stay motionless for two seconds. Then push your body up staying the same time motionless in the middle of traffic. Perform 8 reps.

Views feet with pause

Stand up with an exercise bar mounted on your shoulder and walk off the front of each other (about an opening measure). Bend the knees of your feet for weigth loss program. Halfway stay still for two seconds. When the knee of the leg in the back seat is just before the floor, stay motionless for two seconds. Restore the body to its original position by staying motionless for two seconds in the middle of traffic. Perform 6 reps with each leg. Rowing pause. With the chest down (prone), l am in an inclined bench 45 ° holding two dumbbells in your hands stretched. Pull the dumbbells toward your torso. When the arms reach shoulder height, stay motionless for two seconds. Continue the movement by pulling their arms behind their backs. Stay still for two seconds. Then reset your hands to the starting position by staying motionless in the middle of traffic. Perform 10 reps.

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